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Tuesday’s Top 10

As of the conclusion of Monday’s games, 3 games is the longest winning streak, done by 3 teams; Washington, Atlanta and Chicago. Only 1 of them will make this list. The New York Mets have lost 5 in a row and fall out of the countdown, while the Pirates have lost 3 in a row and will certainly drop from their highest ranking of the season last week at #2. But, there are 5 teams in MLB who are 7-3 in their last 10, and all of them make the list. So lets look at it together!

10) Los Angeles Dodgers last week #8- I struggled with them and the #9 team this week. But it came down to what have they done lately, or at least the last 10 games. In those last 10 games the Dodgers are 3-7 and therefore have slipped to 10th even-though they lead a division.

9) Arizona Diamondbacks last week unranked- This is the lowest of the 7-3 in their last 10 teams. They have climbed to 3rd place in the division and are suddenly only 4 games behind the Dodgers.CastroandRizzo

8) Chicago Cubs last week unranked- What! This was not the 3 game winning streak team you thought you would see? It should be. They are tied for the 4th most wins in the NL, and 3 of those teams are in the same division. They are also consistent winning 19 games both at home and on the road.

7) Baltimore Orioles last week #10- This pick may also come as a surprise to some. But, they have actually had a better offensive output than the more talked about Blue Jays and their bullpen is not in flux. And with their 7-3 record in their last 10, they land here.

6) Texas Rangers last week #5- They took a little step back this week, so they dropped a place. It is that simple.They are 1 game under .500 on the road, but only 1 game out of the 2nd Wild Card spot.

carlosCorrea5) Pittsburgh Pirates last week #2- They come into this countdown loosing 3 even-though they went 7-3 over their last 10 games. They only have 1 more win than the Cubs and the Giants. But are still the best 2nd place team in baseball.

4) Houston Astros last week #6- They have the most wins in the American League (which is what had them jump 2 spots from last week) yet they are only 1 game over .500 on the road.

3) Kansas City Royals last week #3- They are 6-4 in their last 10. But they should be like 8-2 and challenging the Cardinals. In their last 10 games they beat the Brewers 4 times, the Mariners once (did Blanton really beat King Felix?) and they lost both games to the Cardinals and 2 of 3 to the Red Sox. They should have pulled away, yet they are a step over neutral.

2) Tampa Bay Rays last week #5- 7-3 in their last 10 and their pitching staff has the best ERA in baseball. With that being said, can you name more than 2 of their starters who are not on the DL?

1) St. Louis Cardinals last week #1- I am running out of adjectives. They just keep winning. They went 7-3 again this week and have the best record in baseball. There is no debate, they are #1.

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