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Power 5 Countdown – The Big 10

The NBA and NHL have just finished their championships, and if your like me you don’t watch baseball until late September and October, meaning sports is kinda on a break. Although, this also means we are getting even closer to another college football season.  For the next few weeks I will be counting down the seeding of the Power 5 conferences. This ranking will take into consideration the strength of all teams overall, strength of schedule, and player potential. The countdown to the start of the college season is now under 80 days which means the more clear pre-season polls are coming out, and here is mine.Big10East&West


So starting with the number 5 is the BIG-TEN. I do know that Ohio State won the Championship and that is because they are the best team in college football, I do believe that, but I also believe they play in the easiest power 5 conference there is. In the NBA the West is by far the superior conference but the East can still win championships and that is the same with the BIG-TEN.


brutisChampionship Contenders: Ohio State

New Years Six Contenders: Michigan State

Bowl Game Safe: Michigan, Maryland, Rutgers, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Minnesota


This conference is just weak, but give it another two years and Michigan can easily move up the rankings. This will be Harbaugh’s first year at Michigan and when you give him some time, the conference will be elevated.



Nebraska and Wisconsin are also starting the year with coaching changes. Minnesota had a great year last season but I think that was a one time thing, plus the West Division is on a lower level then the East. This conference will get some good bowl games and Ohio State could win another championship easily but I wouldn’t be surprised if Ohio State would be the only team to win its bowl game.MSUmascot


Michigan State will fight hard for a new years six repeat and I think they will get it but its hard when the rest of the conference is so weak. Michigan with Harbaugh will get a bowl game, the coach is just that good but I don’t expect anything above 7 wins.



All the other conferences could see multiple New Years six and multiple title contenders that’s why the BIG-TEN ranked the lowest of power 5 conferences.

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