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MLB All-Star Game Voting


The All-Star Game voting is done online with an online ballot. You have an option of picking a team from the National League and American League to highlight their players. Otherwise, you can just select any players you want and you’re allowed to vote 35 times.

Players are divided by position: first mlbf_94029083_th_45base, second base, short stop, third base, catcher, designated hitter, and outfield. I like the design of the voting site because it’s easy to navigate; you don’t have to search around. I also like how you can pick your favorite team from each league and it’ll highlight the players from that team so it’s easier to pick them if you’re going that route. It’s also helpful that they’re divided by position and in alphabetical order. If you selected the wrong player by accident or changed your mind, you can change your pick using the “Change Pick” button.

Once you’ve made your picks and have scrolled all the way to bottom, you can click the “Review and Submit” button. After you click, it’ll take you to a new page showing two baseball fields with the players you selected in their positions from each league. Nothing is final even when you’re on this page, you can change your selections if needed. When your selections are complete, you then have to enter some information like your email, date of birth, etc. After you have filled out everything, you can submit your vote and you can check a box to enter for a chance to win a trip to the All-Star game. I personally like the way the online ballot is set up. It’s easy to pick your selections and it’s quick, too. You don’t need to be computer savvy or have a lot of time to vote for your favorite players. Voting ends July 2nd and you can do your voting by going to the MLB All-Star Game here.

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