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J. A. R. V. I. S. : Just a rather very intelligent system.

Tony Stark is Iron Man. Jarvis is the computer system that follows his commands exactly. Always providing exactly what Stark requests at the time. A beautifully well developed system created to assist Iron Man in creating and installing greater technology into the power suits. Stark would toil away under tedious difficulty if not for Jarvis. It is safe to say that Jarvis makes Stark able to be Iron Man.

Ryan Man needed a Jarvis. The Dolphins drafted one in 2014. Implemented him into the laboratory throughout his rookie season. Once Jarvis took hold it became apparent that he was a superior system and the systems around him were no longer relevant. They were inferior. So MIA deactivated the MW, shipping it north to a less developed system. Putting Jarvis in the center seat as the do everything application. Jarvis runs the slot. Jarvis runs wide creating mismatches. Jarvis runs end-arounds. Jarvis even returns kicks.

Now no system is capable of running NFL hardware without the assistance and installation of other systems. It is a team game after all. So in order to get the most out of Ryan Man and JARVIS, Miami went to work. They brought in Stills2.0 to assist in the operation of wide side technology. They brought in the CAMJord3000 to offer alternatives in the center of the tech field. ParkerRP for future installation, this system has experienced some hardwire issues in it’s inaugural season. They installed JenningsX, an older system with reliable standards and the ability to assist the other systems with smooth operation and progression. Everything that Miami has done is to create the ideal power suit for Ryan Man to don during the most formidable moments of battle.  But make no mistake. The center piece is JARVIS. Without JARVIS no work is completed. No goals accomplished. No break through achieved.

The pieces are in place. Jarvis cannot be singled out. Jarvis cannot be the lone focal point of pass defenses. Jarvis has the QB he needs to get him the ball and the teammates he needs to find space within a defensive scheme. Jarvis is a dynamic and highly skilled receiver. I am expecting a huge season from Jarvis. Subsequently good things for Ryan Man. I have Landry ranked…….

19. Jarvis Landry MIA – I am sure this is another surprise when compared to other rankers. Landry is now the main focus on a solid and growing pass attack. He is a do everything wr who the Phins move around all over the field. He will well outplay his ADP.


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