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Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan believes his team will make the postseason in 2015. The Falcons have missed the playoffs in back-to-back seasons, but under new coach Dan Quinn, Ryan’s confidence is high. They went 4-12 in 2013 then followed with a 6-10 record last season, which led to the firing of Matt Smith and hiring of Quinn. Ryan was asked if there is a reason to be hopeful in the upcoming season. “Absolutely,” Ryan said following Day 1 of mandatory minicamp. “There’s absolutely no reason we can’t get it done. We feel like that in the locker room, that we’ve just got to downloadget better every day just on daily improvement and then go cut in loose when the season rolls around. But there’s absolutely no reason.”

Ryan and his teammates are motivated under a change of philosophy on defense and improved personnel on both sides of the ball. Matt Ryan has a lot of success in his career and maintained great statistics despite having his team struggle over the past two seasons. His leadership is often praised by teammates and coaches. The Falcons added tight end Jacob Tamme in free agency, who spent his whole career with Peyton Manning as his quarterback. Tamme sees the same winning quarterback qualities in Ryan. “Hard for me to go anywhere and not feel like I was falling off a cliff, having been around Peyton my whole career so far,” Tamme said. “So this is one of the four or five, six places where you could come and not feel like that. You can feel like you’re stepping into a guy who not only can throw the ball, but he has all those characteristics you want in a quarterback, from the leadership standpoint, from how guys listen to him when he’s talking in the huddle or in the meeting, and that’s the kind of stuff that I think winning quarterbacks in this league have, and Matt has that, so that’s exciting.” With the change in coaches and Ryan’s confidence, this could be a winning season for the Atlanta Falcons.


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