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2015 Pre-Season Rankings : WRs #1 – #10

1. Antonio Brown PIT – Brown is not the biggest. Not the fastest. But he may be the most precise route runner in the NFL. Combined with great agility and burst he is hands down my #1 wr for 2015. Leveon is great, Bryant is rising quick. But Brown is the centerpiece in one of the NFL’s best passing offenses.

2. Jordy Nelson GB – A full tool box of skills, Rodgers tossing the rock and one of the healthiest big name wrs in the league. I have him at 2 because there is no health questions. There is no offensive scheme change questions. Jordy is a rock solid top 5 wr without worry.

3. Dez Bryant DAL – No DeMarco means the ball gets aired out a lot more in Big D in 2015. Dez has a legit chance at the WR 2015 FF scoring title. The targets will be huge, the rewards will be huge. The only concerns? Dez does get dinged and sometimes his frustration holds him back.

4. Demaryius Thomas DEN – Julius is gone, Welker gone, DEN is claiming to be a heavier run team in 2015. Now it is DT, Sanders, 2nd year WR Latimer and Virgil Green as the main receiving targets. Even with a drop in pass attempts DT will remain at the top of the WR scoring charts. Besides it is not like DEN will become CAR in terms of pass versus run.

5. Julio Jones ATL – Roddy is another year older. There is a lack of big name targets behind Julio, Roddy. This guarantees Julio will remain as a top 10 wr. I actually think he will move into the top 5 in 2015 in what is still one of the best passing offenses in the NFL. Remember it is only the regular season we are concerned about in FF.

6. Calvin Johnson DET – Megatron will be much healthier in 2015. The league is on notice after Tate’s fantastic 2014, you can no longer cheat towards Mega without paying the price. I love Mega in 2015. I expect a return to the FF scoring levels that made him a top 10 FF draft pick for most of his career. Great steal in the 2nd round.

7. AJ Green CIN – He missed 5 games in 2014 and was slowed by injury for many more games than that. AJ will be healthy and he is the absolute focus of the CIN pass game. Expect a better showing in 2015 than in 2014.  Much better!

8. Odell Beckham jr NYG – The kid is exciting. Playmaking monster. But with the return of Cruz, the addition of Vereen and the league wide focus of Odell will result in more passes thrown to the middle(cruz) and the flat(vereen) than in 2014. Expect that the deep to odell frequency drops off a bit from 2014. Meaning his production will drop off a bit as well. Still a GREAT WR 1 but not quite the monster he was in 2014 as the lone ranger.

9. Emmanuel Sanders DEN – See DT. Yup Denver will run more. Still going to have 2 stars at WR. Reality and fantasy alike. Sanders is a do everything guy. Peyton loves do everything guys. The short passing game will be the lifeblood of the offense. In a PPR I could see Sanders finishing much closer to the 1 spot than the 10 spot. (PPR Ranks coming)

10. Randall Cobb GB – Discount Doublecheck means two WRs thrive with the most consistently dominant QB in the league. No downs. Every week production for all 3 stars. It will continue.

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