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Which MLB division is Best top to Bottom?

As we have reached between 65-70 games per club, the division races are still close most without a clear-cut favorite.  As of June 18, the leader of each division has no more than a 4.5 game lead. The remainder of the season will really be something to watch.  There are a lot of close races which means entertaining baseball yet to come.  The division races may be tight but which division is baseball’s best you may ask? The answer is the:  AL East


East     W        L          PCT     GB

Tampa Bay      37        30        –

NY Yankees   35        30        1.0

Toronto           36        32        1.5

Baltimore        34        32        2.5

Boston             28        39        9.0

TanakaThe AL East is filled with stars.  In Tampa: Evan Longoria and Alex Cobb.  In NY: A-Rod, Tanaka.


In Toronto: Jose Bautista, Jose Reyes, R.A. Dickey.  In Baltimore: Chris Davis, Manny Machado.manny-machado-injury

And last but not least, in Boston: David Ortiz, and Hanley Ramirez.  There are many other supporting players that could be named but these highlights the AL East.

This divison has always been a dog fight.  Terry Francona, Joe Maddon, and  Joe Torre at one time ran this division.  These guys were among the best and produced winning ball clubs and star athletes. Despite all of them parting ways, this division continues to be a fun one to watch.

First off, only one team is below .500, the Boston Red Sox.  The Red Sox have gotten of to a very slow start.  They are 22nd in runs scored, 29th  in ERA with 4.54, and 28th in strikeouts as a team.  They do fine in batting average and RBIs, but the strikeouts, ERA, and runs scored have led them to be where they are right now.

logan-forsythe-mlb-toronto-blue-jays-tampa-bay-rays-850x560The Tampa Bay Rays are fifth in ERA with a 3.39 and Logan Forsythe is leading the way at the plate.  While the Yanks are led by record breaking Alex Rodriguez along with a rotation led by Masahiro Tanaka.  The Toronto Blue Jays lead the league in hits and runs scored while Josh Donaldson is having an All-Star season already hitting 17 HRs and 45RBIs with a .305 AVG.  The Baltimore Orioles are known for power hitter Chris Davis and defensive wiz Manny Machado.

All these teams easily have what it takes to win the division.  The Boston Red Sox have some work to do but watch out for them at the trade deadline hunting for a pitcher to lead their struggling rotation.DiDiNYC

The New York Yankees still need a new shortstop as Didi Gregorius has not lived up to the hype surrounding him.  He is batting just .231 with only 13 RBIs.  Someone may want C.C. Sabathia and the Yanks may demand a SS in return.

The Tampa Bay Rays look very solid so far this year.  They do have a deficiency with their lead-off hitter, Kevin Kiermaier only batting .252 therefore, the Rays should look to be buyers and upgrade that lead-off spot.

The Blue Jays look to be one of the best teams in baseball.  They have the rotation, hitting and fielding down.  There one concern may be their bullpen.  The Blue Jays have 11 blown saves so far and it would not hurt to add more bullpen depth and an experienced closer.

The Orioles are only 2 games over .500 but are top 5 in Rs, HRs, and RBIs while having only 4 blown saves all year.  The Orioles have all the components; they just have faced very good competition and now have to learn how to dig deep and win ball games.

This division is the best in the MLB right now because of the close race for first and how close all the teams are to each other.  With such a close race, every division game counts.  You can’t sit back and wait for them to come to you, you have to attack them.  This division will be close race until the last game of the year, I guarantee it.





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