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2015 Pre-Season Rankings : WRs #11 – #20

11. Alshon Jeffery CHI – Marshall is gone and Jeffrey is now the main man in the pass game.  Already a FF star Alshon has as much of a chance at the top 5 as any wr in football. The only reason he is not in my top 10? How will he react to being the focus of every secondary he faces?

12. Andre Johnson IND – This could be even bigger. Top 5 is within the realm of possibility. Yes I know he is 34. I also know he as never had a truly dynamic signal caller or an offense this dynamic. As long as he remains healthy Andre is the steal of the draft at his ADP. But only in a redraft league.

13. Jordan Matthews PHI – Volume, volume, volume. Mac is gone. Matthews is the main man. This hurry up offense will hurry up and shoot Matthews up the FF WR ranks.

14. Kelvin Benjamin CAR – Certifiable #1 wr. Great rookie year and he should continue to produce as 1/2 of a two man receiving crew. Oft targeted big wr. The only thing holding him back is the CAR offense itself.

15. Golden Tate DET – 2014 was no fluke. I repeat 2014 was no fluke. Expect more of the same, maybe not quite the same blistering pace, but there is more than enough to feed both Tate and Mega in motown. Like Andre Johnson I have him ranked much higher than most. Confidently so.

16. Mike Evans TB – If he was without VJax on the other side I would have him above his 2 2nd year chums above. But with a second star on the field his ceiling is a bit more capped than the above mentioned. Evans will still provide somebody with an above average WR2.

17. TY Hilton IND – Andre is going to take much more from Wayne, Nicks’ 2014 load than from TY. Ty will still shine in one of the heaviest passing offenses in the league.  TY is still the safe investment he was a year ago. Still a top end wr2.

18. Brandin Cooks NO – Stills is gone, Graham is gone. It is now officially Cooks, Colston, Toon, Hill, CJ, etc.. Even pressing the run heavy idea, Cooks is in line for a fantastic season as the do everything wr in the saints O.

19. Jarvis Landry MIA – I am sure this is another surprise when compared to other rankers. Landry is now the main focus on a solid and growing pass attack. He is a do everything wr who the Phins move around all over the field. He will well outplay his ADP.

20. Keenan Allen SD – Great qb. High octane offense. He is the main focus, even Gates falls in behind. I am anticipating an awesome season for Allen as the main cog in the SD O. High targets, lots of movement and FF greatness to follow.

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