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NBA finals a win-win for everyone but Lebron.

The Golden State Warriors won an NBA championship for the first time in 40 years, ABC cleaned house in ratings, all of Cleveland was elevated for a short time and Lebron James is two for six in NBA finals.lebronINfinals

When everything was said and done Lebron James added a number of new NBA records to his already impressive list of achievements. Likely he would give them all back, however, for the chance to have won a title. James was simply dominating against the Warriors, leading the finals in points, rebounds and assists. This was the first time any player has been able to accomplish such a feat. More incredibly though was his ability to inspire a group of men who had no business being in a championship to believe they could win an NBA title.

kyrieIrvingIn game one of the series Cleveland point guard Kyrie Irving went down with a series ending knee injury. At that point the scene was eerily reminiscent to 2007 when Lebron took Cleveland to finals against San Antonio. After being swept in that series it was clear the Cavs just didn’t have enough talent around Lebron James, eventually leading to his departure to Miami. Without a viable point guard in Irving or a dominant figure down Low (Kevin Love has been injured since early in the playoffs) Lebron James had to find help quickly. Players like Matthew Dellavedova and Timofey Mozgov became regular names in papers and sports radio.

Despite averaging 35.8 points per game with 13 rebounds over the series, Golden State was just to much too handle for the Cavaliers. When the backcourt duo of MVP point guard Steph Curry and fellow guard Klay Thompson couldn’t deliver they had secondary help from every other position in key moments. Andre Iguodala has become a household name once again after going from bench rotation to starter to being named finals MVP. His defense on Lebron James helped the Warriors lock down other Cavalier players like J.R Smith, and Tristan Thompson.

For the 18.5 million viewers who tuned into the finals on ABC or the 28 million plus for game six, it was two weeks of sports they may never forget. Lebron James may not have won an NBA championship but he became great. Regardless of what he does going forward or what he has accomplished thus far there is a lore that will accompany the history of Lebron that only a handful of athletes ever experience.

The NBA on the other hand has always had it’s best success when the athletes have created the story lines. No other player in NBA history has created story lines like James. News outlets everywhere are reporting that the NBA experienced its highest number of viewers since the Jordan era. This NBA finals was one NBA marketing teams dream of. The best player in the world verses the best player that season.

Cleveland may be bandaging wounds and repressing dreams of the end of a long championship drought of the city’s professional teams, but the coverage of the city and the passion that went along with their team undoubtedly inspired a new generation of budding athletes to give Cleveland a second thought. Current players like Dellavedova, Thompson and Mozgov all experienced new career heights during this finals that could not have been achieved without Lebron.

If fans and writers can remember this series when looking back on Lebron’s career then it might have been a win for him after all.

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