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A Scary Incident Causes Concern

A few weeks ago, a tragic event occurred at Fenway Park.  Tonya Carpenter was struck with a broken bat.  Tonya was sitting a few rows back behind the third base dugout when one of the Oakland Athletics player’s bat broke and flung into the stands.  Carpenter was rushed to the hospital in serious condition.  Tonya is now released from the hospital and recovering with her family.

Tonya Carpenters incident was tragic and horrifying to not just her but others.  The fans and even the players were very concerned.  The Boston Red Sox organization released at statement describing the incident and offer their prayers and thoughts for a speedy recovery.Tonya-Carpenter

This incident put forth some attention to fan safety.  The protective netting currently is directly behind home plate and nowhere else.  MLB will for sure be looking into more netting to prevent future incidents like Tonya Carpenters.

In all Semi-pro and minor leagues stadiums, the protective netting goes from dugout to dugout.  MLB only has netting directly behind home plate and fans will then be responsible to watch for balls and bats.


mlbsymbolI believe that MLB should have the netting from dugout to dugout for the safety of the fans.  The last things fans want to worry about is safety.  The fans come to have a good time and enjoy their favorite team.  In my opinion, this netting should be placed up during the All-Star break.  Another serious incident could happen before we know it and MLB will be taking heat.  It’s  MLB’s job to ensure fans that they are as safe as can be when coming to the ballpark and with the limited netting at all MLB stadiums currently, they are failing to do that.

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