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2015 Pre-Season Rankings: WRs #21-#30

21. Deandre Hopkins HOU – Finally Elvis has left the building. The stage is yours. If HOU had a better qb, Hopkins would have a better ranking. Still a very good wr2.

22. Sammy Watkins BUF – If Tyrod Taylor starts all bets are off. Sammy could dominate with a qb who can scramble a bit to buy time. With Manuel, Orton he will be relegated to this ranking. With a little more wiggle in the pocket and towards the edges supplied by Taylor a lot of fireworks could erupt down the field.

23. Julian Edelman NE – Forget the suspension. Edelman will surpass 100 grabs again in 2015. Higher ranking in PPR. Not a TD machine, not a burner, just a little guy catching lots of passes.

24. Desean Jackson WAS – Djax took Garcon’s cookies. I do not see him giving them back. Still fast, still explosive. If he could get some consistent qb play he could be deadly. As is he will occasionally win a week for you.

25. Martavis Bryant PIT – Big end zone target, big fast deep target and the whole world is keying on Brown. What can Bryant do for you? Score loads of points in FF on the best downfield passing offense in the league. I had to hold myself back here. I could see Bryant finishing 10 spots higher. I like him that much.

26. Amari Cooper OAK – As long as Carr’s finger is good he will wing it around. Carr loves to wing it around. Now he has a true talent to go up and get it.  Oak is not making the playoffs. But the offense will make some plays. Making Cooper a great flex, strong wr2.

27. Vincent Jackson TB – No longer the show pony but still providing solid scoring in FF. Evans has surpassed VJax. But even with a rook qb and wr2 status Vjax will make enough of his opportunities to remain fantasy relevant.

28. Mike Wallace MN – Wallace will now be the main target in this offense seeing the return of AP and the 2nd year of Bridgewater. This offense will show some sparks in 2015. Mostly through angry legs but also through the air. Wallace will be the main beneficiary of that passing production. Wallace still has great skills. With AP keeping the Ds honest we will see that displayed.

29. Brandon Marshall NYJ – Bad qb play leads to jump balls. Marshall is still one of the best in the league at coming down with a jump ball. Jets qb(s) will struggle, the Jets record will be awful. But Marshall will get half or more of the jump balls and remain fantasy relevant.

30. Jeremy Maclin KC – There is no deep passing in KC. There is no 2014 statistics in line for Mac. But he could amass a large quantity of catches and even decent yardage working underneath routes. Better play in a PPR but I can see him as a flex.

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