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“We Can’t See U” That’s not good.

Oh how the legends fall. They rise, they fall. They intrigue and captivate. Then one day they can no longer hold our attention. From the highest of perches they begin a slow decline into the category of also ran. Ric Flair kept things fresh during his latter career years through frequent affiliation changes and character switches. Hero to heel. Heel to hero.

The entire planet is aware of what Hulk Hogan did when his spectacle began to fade. Hogan reinvented himself as “Hollywood” complete with Just For Men beard dye. The ultimate hero turned heel. The eater of vitamins and sayer” of prayers became the man we all loved to hate. Oh how we loved to hate Hollywood. But the truth is, Hogan remained loved during his NWO days in WCW. Hogan was the “baddish” “heelish” anti-hero hero that WCW and wrestling fans word wide needed at the time.  Hogan and his NWO were captivating and mesmerizing. Each week, even if you hated the NWO, you tuned in to see what destruction the evil Hollywood Hogan would unleash. This singular move sustained Hogan in the upper echelons of earnings and more importantly relevance to the wrestling fan. WCW skyrocketed in the ratings. More revenue equates to better product. It was brilliant. Hogan’s legacy was not ruined. Hogan’s legacy was improved. The moment he came back to the good side all transgressions were forgotten. The hero that struggles with evil and triumphs has added depth to his character and becomes an icon deep seeded in the hearts and minds of fans.  Legacy intact.

So here we are in 2015. Once again we find ourselves burdened with the cliched mantras and rants of a fading hero. John Cena is boring. There is no other way to put it. John Cena no longer intrigues or captivates anybody older than 8. That is a problem. The goody, goody always politically correct nature of his character is flat. The Hustle to buy his products is lacking, the Loyalty to Cena is low and the Respect for Cena has evaporated. The WWE is not profiting from Cena as it once did. The WWE itself is in a never ending quagmire of is this the “new face” auditions and the product is suffering. The ratings are suffering. The PPV orders are suffering. Ticket sales and overall revenue both suffering. If this relationship is not working for anyone but children under eight and charities than how can it be prolonged? It cannot. It will have to conclude at some point. Something will have to change. I know that it is unlikely that WWE or Cena would agree with this idea but it beats the snot out of having Cena wrestle NXT talent as part of the undercard. Fill the seats and fill the bank accounts, just do the following.

Cena becomes frustrated with the authority. Several weeks of story lines portray Cena as constantly pushed to lower matches. Finally HHH succumbs and grants Cena one last title match versus Seth Rollins at a PPV event. John Cena versus the The Authority appointed Future of WWE Seth Rollins. Of course the entire Authority is ringside to cheat for Rollins and keep the belt away from the anti-Authority hero Cena. The match progresses and as Rollins sets up Cena for the Curb Stomp, Pedigree or whatever other finisher he might choose, the Authority interferes. Including taking out the ref. Then Cena, leading the Authority, destroys Rollins. Kane chokeslam, HHH Pedigree and Cena FU(yes the FU). Followed by an Authority approved ref coming out of the back to count a 1,2,3 on Rollins.

The crowd cheers, moans, cries, laughs triumphantly……. the crowd reacts. The talk increases, the ratings go up, more tickets are sold…….. the product improves, WWE and Cena both benefit. In one foul swoop all the rules are changed. everything you thought you knew is no more. You are riveted to the TV, mesmerized by this new development and heavily invested emotionally in Cena and the WWE once again. Best part is in 18-24 months you can switch it back and restore Cena to the ranks of hero. Again creating a story line stimulating fans into caring. An improved Legacy for Cena. An improved product for fans. Most of all for WCW and John Cena, larger bank accounts. This idea makes too much sense to ever find itself in use. Old Vinnie Mac? Well hell it would have happened already. Turn him, unleash the ego and the attitude WWE fans fell in love with in the first place. Give Cena some depth back. Give the WWE fans what they want to see.


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