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 Ben Roethlisberger finished 5th in standard league scoring in 2014. A mere 17 points below 3rd place Russel Wilson and 12 points behind Peyton Manning. Those point differentials are over an entire season. 16 games. So 1 point per game less than Russel Wilson and 3/4 of one point behind Peyton Manning. Not bad for a guy you can grab several rounds later than any of the QBs ranked ahead of him. I have seen him fall to the 6th round in early season mock drafts.  Factor in the emphasis on the run coming to Denver in 2015 and the subsequent drop in Peyton’s normal stat accumulation. Meaning Ben Roethlisberger rises one position and Peyton Manning falls. ADP will not reflect this and most likely your draft will not either.
Now that we have discussed where Ben Roethlisberger stands in comparison to his peers and discussed the movement, or lack of movement among the QBs who finished 2014 above him we can move onto the many things at play within his own offense. The best route running WR in the NFL Antonio Brown is Ben’s main man. There is no other WR in the NFL that can compare with Brown’s precision throughout the entire route tree. The second man up is the second year stud Martavis Bryant. A 6’4″ 220 LB(Martavis Bryant added 10 pounds of muscle, leading Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Tajh Boyd to label the receiver “swole.”) vertical and redzone threat. One of my favorite steals in the 2015 WR pool. Figure in the receiving skills of Leveon Bell. The study hands of Heath Miller. The depth of Marcus Wheaton and rookie 3rd round pick Sammie Coates. Big Ben is on the threshold of a huge season.
While the lemmings dive over the cliff early for the declining legends relax and grab the better QB later. If you do not opt for Andrew Luck or Aaron Rodgers by the 2nd round you will serve yourself better filling other positions as others lap up the older legends. Ben will outperform them and allow you to pick better core players with his much more reasonable price tag. Ben could possibly be your key in 2015.

Do you want to hear a blasphemous statement? I have Eli Manning(#6) ranked 1 spot behind Peyton Manning(#5). I am pretty certain that violates several of the physical laws of the NFL universe. Nonetheless,  I feel confident in that appraisal.  Even further down this path, I would take Eli over Peyton even if their ADP’s were identical. For several reasons. I have discussed Peyton’s declining volume. The biggest reason I have for such a lofty Eli prognostication is the way the offense operated in 2014. There are many. This is Eli’s second season in an offense built to suit him. The first time he has had an offense constructed around maximizing his abilities. The emergence of Odell Beckham jr. The recovery of Victor Cruz. The addition of Shane Vereen as a pass receiving back. The depth of targets with Reuben Randle, Corey Washington and TE Larry Donnel. Outside of PHI the weakness of the defenses in the NFC East. I have a lot of reasons to love Eli going into 2015. This is literally the first time in his career that I have gone into a season with Eli as a top 5-6 QB in my rankings. When you factor in the ADP Eli will be one of the biggest steals in the draft. Top 5 QB production in a very late round.
Yes the Iceman does go cold in the playoffs. Luckily for you FF does not require playoff production or participation. That being said you can draft the once golden boy FF QB much later than you should be able to. Matt finished 2014 7th in FF scoring at the QB position in standard leagues. 39 total season points behind Peyton Manning(4th). The math puts that difference just under 2.5 points per week. Best part is you get to select a stud RB or WR when some fool jumps on the Peyton Manning name somewhere in late round 2 or round 3.  Use the knowledge to your benefit. Pass on the Peyton, Brees and get Ryan at a much lower cost. Keep in mind that Atlanta had no running game in 2014, the TE was useless and the offense slumped from previous output. Do not expect that to continue in 2015. Julio Jones, Roddy White, the emergence of Devonta Freeman, sparky Devin hester and newly acquired Tony Moeaki should go a long way toward reaching that upper level again.
Phin it to Win it.

 Ryan Tannehil is young and has not exactly exploded onto the FF scene. But there is a bevy of reasons to make him your QB1 in 2015. The drop in production from the elder statesman(Peyton, Brees). The higher price tags of Rodgers, Luck,  Wilson and Roethlisberger. The lack of red zone rush attempts for Cam. With just a few bits of critical thought Tannehil emerges as a very viable and high upside QB1. Now we can address the evolution of the MIA offense and the addition of excellent weapons. As well as the jettisoning of a difficult teammate. But lets focus on who is in MIA. Jarvis Landry is a stud. The slot guy by name but MIA will move him all over the field to create mismatches. This second year player is in a position to blow up. The front office did some heavy lifting in the off-season. Trading for Kenny Stills, a very good and so far underutilized 3rd year WR. Signing FA TE Jordan Cameron, a legitimate field stretcher at his position and Greg Jennings a solid possession receiver. Drafting Devante Parker, who was shining in OTAs up until suffering a leg injury that could retard his NFL debut. The targets are stacked. The offense is primed. Ryan Tannehil takes the next step forward on his progression to becoming one of the best QBs in FF. Tannehil was 9th in FF scoring in standard leagues in 2014. I figure 5th or 6th is quite reasonable given the upside. Do not draft him as the  6th best FF QB, just enjoy him when you get him much later.


  1. dd

    June 17, 2015 at 11:32 pm

    Couldn’t find a rhyme for Tannehill?

    How ’bout “Tannehill’s no run off the mill”

    • Fantasy Dog

      June 19, 2015 at 3:36 am

      That would have sufficed, Phin it to win it” seemed legit too.

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