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QB Rankings: 5-1

drew-brees5. Drew Brees: AKA B-EASY. He has been one of the most reliable fantasy QB’s since his arrival in New Orleans. B-EASY knows how to get the party started. You can count on him to throw the most pass attempts per year, resulting in the most passing yards for him. Expect this offense to be just as electric as ever, and for Drew Brees to throw a few more TD’s than last year. Yea they lost big time Jimmy, but with the addition of CJ Spiller and the development of Brandin Cooks the Saints offense looks to be more dynamic. The defense has been upgraded after allowing 500 yards per game last year, which will help Drew Brees be on the field more. With a quicker offense it should allow Brees’ career to be prolonged, which means that nothing is changing for his fantasy value, it will only get better. Don’t be shy with drafting Brees in the first 3 rounds.

peytonManning4. Peyton Manning: Every year Manning gets ridiculed for being too old, but every year he dominates the league. Broncos training camp is reporting that Manning is extremely healthy and poised for another great year. He threw for the most TD’s last year and expect around the same number from him, especially in Kubiak’s offense. He still has great weapons in Thomas, Sanders, and Anderson. As long as Manning can say the word “Omaha” expect him to throw for 40 plus TD’S, and over 4,500 YDS. Fantasy owners don’t need to think twice when it comes to Manning, he will get the job done once again.

3. Russell Wilson: Judging from experience, this guy kills it in Fantasy. He put up over 300 fantasy points last year. He finished only behind Andrew Luck and Aaron Rodgers. Impressive year. Now he doesn’t air it out that much, but fantasy owners want him in the red zone.  It’s always a lock to get points from Wilson there, whether it’s throwing or running. Speaking of running, Wilson had 849 YDS on the ground. He almost made it in the top 15 for running backs last season! His dual threat that he provides is just too darn good. Throw Jimmy Graham into the mix, and a little chip on Wilson’s shoulder from the super bowl loss, and that comes out to be a recipe for success in Seattle. Russell Wilson MUST be snagged as early as possible.AaronRodgers

andrew-luck-portrait-800-22. Aaron Rodgers: Break me off a slice of this cheese. Besides the 2013 year, Rodgers has finished in the top 2 for QB’s in fantasy. His numbers don’t and won’t change. I know all fantasy owners are thinking about taking a running back or maybe a wide receiver with their first pick in the draft, but owners should draft Rodgers. He will single-handedly put your team on his back and take you to that magical place known as the fantasy championship. You want an insurance plan on your fantasy team? Then make sure to get your discount double check because Aaron Rodgers guarantees coverage for the year.

1. Andrew Luck: The future is now. The Andrew Luck era has officially begun. Fantasy owners could only draft Luck and they still would make it to the championship. You should salivate at the opportunity to draft him. He is the clear cut winner to produce the most fantasy points overall. With the additions of Johnson and Gore, it’s hard to find weaknesses with the Colts offense. Expect 4,500YD’S and 45 TD’s from Luck. His best year will arrive this coming season. The colts have one of the easiest schedules in the NFL, which only adds to the scene. Andrew Luck is set up to blow every quarterback out of the water this year.


  1. Jason

    June 17, 2015 at 2:17 pm

    Really? Brees is the 5th best QB? Tell that to the Saints record. I will admit that he was great at one point but I believe he has dropped down a lot.

    • Ben Vasconcellos

      June 17, 2015 at 10:34 pm

      This ranking isn’t based off team wins, it’s based off fantasy production. Since 2008 Drew Brees hasn’t thrown for less than 30TDS and 4,000 YDS. Those type of numbers will get you a top 5 ranking every year. He hasn’t had a down year yet. And until he does, he has to stay in the top 5 ranking.

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