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For whom the Bell tolls. Joique marches on.

The Measurements:

Joique Bell 5’11” 229 lbs :  “Joique we love. He’s a tough guy. Runs hard. Just keeping him healthy will be key.” – Offensive Coordinator Joe Lombardi.
Reggie Bush 6’0″ 205 lbs : CUT Pre-draft
 Theo Riddick 5’9″ 200 lbs : “I’m very excited for Theo (Riddick) and have been since I first got here. I think we’re going to see great things from him.” – OC Lombardi
Ameer Abdullah 5’9″ 205 lbs : The Lions were expected to add another running back via the draft. They hosted a couple of top running back prospects in Todd Gurley and Tevin Coleman on pre-draft visits to Allen Park. See Coleman Scouting report below.  Both players with inside running ability. Instead they opted for Ameer. “There are two of them in the second round that make a ton of sense: Ameer Abdullah from Nebraska and Duke Johnson from Miami,” Mayock said. “The knock on Abdullah, and it’s significant, are fumbles. I think he had 24 career fumbles, and he lost 17 of them, which is the worst I’ve seen in awhile, and that’s compiled with small hands. And that’s what bothers the scouts is not only the fumbles but the fact that he’s got small hands, which probably accounts for the fumbles.” Fumbles aside, Mayock said that Abdullah, who finished 12th in the nation with 1,611 yards rushing last year, is “the quintessential space player.” “Catches the football, real quick, make you miss,” Mayock said. “And I think Duke Johnson from Miami is in that same mold.” – NFL NETWORK ANALYST Mike Mayock
Now tell me again what Ameer was drafted for? Ameer and Theo will replace Bush in the offense. Bell will continue to be the main back. Detroit opted for a very good G in the 1st round. There seems to be a clear mandate from head coach Jim Caldwell that he expects better production from that aspect of the Lions offense in 2015. “Preferably, we’d like to be able to run it a little bit more and a little bit better,” Caldwell said last month. “The running game, to me, is really kind of the heartbeat of your team … the core. Can you run the ball? Can you stop the run? That’s going to be our primary focus.” .
I hear Abdullah pushed as usurping Bell in short order. Ignoring that is not his skill set. Ignoring that he has fumble issues. Ignoring who needed replacing. Joique Bell is the man in Detroit and there is no writing on the wall. With a new found coaching commitment to the run and Bell the only inside runner on the team his upside is higher than at any other point in his career. That is why I feel comfortable having Bell ranked at #18, a few spots ahead of most rankers. Bell requires a cuff, but his upside makes it agreeable.

18. Joique Bell DET – Okay Reggie is gone. It is your show now. I feel fine having Bell as long as I have the rookie Abdullah as a handcuff. Ceiling is higher than this ranking. Injury seems to always creep into the equation with Bell though. If you draft him get the rookie. Hell if you have the room get Riddick too. This is why Bell is not higher. You need to carry his friend(s) too. Or leave yourself exposed.

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