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Discord between Glendale and the Coyotes

I am going to take a different stand on this issue. I can not stand it when teams, players, managers, front offices, ect. do not honor their contracts! If you sign a contract, you should uphold that contract. It is really that simple.

Every year, in every sport we have players or coaches or agents for them both who threaten to hold out if their contract is not renegotiated. And no one wants to renegotiate a contract after they have been injured or performed poorly. They only want to renegotiate a contract when they think they are worth more than they are getting paid. It is an ugly side of sports, all it teaches is greed, and it makes me sick.

GilaRiverArenaThe Glendale City Council held a special meeting to discuss terminating the 15 year lease between the Gila River Arena and the Arizona Coyotes. They are upset because of Craig Tindall who resigned as Glendale City Attorney in late February of 2013 (the resignation becoming official on April 1). He did this to become general council for the Coyotes in August of that same year.

This will be the heart of Glendale’s legal case as they try to prove that Tindall had a hand in creating the current arena lease agreement. It seems a stretch since Tindall left the city well before negotiations with Renaissance Sports & Entertainment (now IceArizona) began on an arena lease agreement in late May.

The City of Glendale’s council members did decide on a vote of 4-3, to terminate their signed lease agreement with the Arizona Coyotes. In doing so they cited a state statute that permits a government to cancel an agreement that is less than three years old, if someone who helped negotiate the agreement for that government subsequently takes a job with the other party.

GilaRiverArenaSeatsIn 2013, the Phoenix suburb of Glendale entered into an agreement that it would pay the Coyotes $15 million a year for 15 years to not only play games at Gila River Arena, but also manage daily operations there. With the city losing upwards of $8 million per year on the deal. If that is the case, then the deal is probably a bad one for the city. But, the city agreed to it in 2013, so they should follow it today, and for the remainder of the deal.

Lastly, they are acting as though they can not recoup the 8 million in other ways. How about a convenience fee on each ticket sold. They can sell naming rights on the parking lots around the Arena. Increase the price of parking or any number of other things to raise funds to offset the loss of funds. This whole thing just reeks of desperation and stupidity. It is the classic tale of someone making a mistake, and instead of just admitting to it and asking forgiveness, they would rather make another mistake to try and cover up the first mistake. The City should just honor the contract. Admit that it was a bad contract to sign, let the public see the numbers, and increase something to offset the money lost with their sincere apology.

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