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Running Down a Dream: Backs at a discount.



Melvin Gordon is a rookie and for that reason many will pass on him early. Those who do not pass will be rewarded with a Rookie of the Year performance. Do not be afraid to snatch him late in the 2nd or early 3rd. Your courage will be rewarded. A do everything RB who will be thrust directly into huge volume out of the gate. I have him rated confidently as the #14 RB………

14. Melvin Gordon SD – Dynamic all around RB. Natural pass catcher even though not a utilized skill at WI. Has some work to do on pass protection but nothing that will hold him back. Expect Melvin to hit the ground running on his way to rookie of the year honors. His ceiling is immense.



Frank Gore still has some juice. Now on an insanely high octane offense he will benefit from the lack of concentration on himself. Gore is like the 4th or 5th player in Indy you focus your defense around stopping. The still hard running Gore will shine as a runner and receiver. Probably only 1-2 seasons coming in Indy, but 2015 will be great. Get him cheap in late rounds and steal value in a redraft. I have Gore ranked as the #16 RB……

16. Frank Gore IND – Expect a fantastic year from Gore in this high octane Indy attack. Maybe his last year of FF relevance. Another player to avoid in a dynasty. A great rb2 in a redraft.



No more Murray. Only DMC to contend with(injured already in OTAs). The best line in football. I have Randle winning any competition that may occur. Randle has a powerful running style that best matches this mauling oline. Randle finishes runs with a thump. Randle also has solid burst and lateral agility, The hard finishing style could prove problematic though at only 205. I personally do not question the Cowboys failure to sign a big name or draft a high caliber rookie at the position. Randle has been the plan since 2014. Get them both and be confident in the biggest steal in the RB realm in 2015. I have Randle ranked as the #21 RB……..

21. Joseph Randle/DMC  DAL – I put them together because DMC could pull the upset and steal the gig. But I really like the smash mouth style of Randle and I believe he gets the nod week 1. Running behind the league’s best OLine makes any RB very valuable. Get them both and you could steal a top 10 rb season with a later round pick.


Andre Ellington is a superstar producing FF RB, especially in a PPR.  Yes he is smallish and yes he finds himself injured. More importantly, Elly produces. I have no doubts that will continue. You can steal him when others ignore his output and focus on his dings. Be certain to cuff him with the rookie Johnson for insurance. But you can get a great FF RB a round or two cheaper than you should be able to. I have Elly ranked as the #20 RB….

20. Andre Ellington AZ – Elly produces. Elly gets hurt. He will lose some touches to the rook Johnson in 2015. But nothing to remove him from my top 20. When active Elly’s numbers reflect near top 10 production. When he is hurt he produces nothing. In that lies the problem. Handcuff him with the rook and enjoy the production while it lasts.



Travaris Cadet finds himself in an ideal position. Ridley gone. Vereen gone. Blount is Ridley and Cadet becomes Vereen. A more talented version in my opinion. I think there is a potential to shine in NE for Cadet. Could easily turn into a great PPR RB. If Blount stumbles he will get a shot at much more. I do not have him ranked and he will be there very late in your drafts. This is a player with a fairly high ceiling you can draft very late.

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