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QB Rankings: 10-6

ryan-tannehill10. Ryan Tannehill: The south just got even dirtier with Tannehill’s big contract. Time to live up to the money. Tannehill has only gotten better over the years. His numbers have consistently gone up, and the trend will continue. 2014 proved to be a great year for Tannehill. He threw for over 4,000YDS and 27TDS. He finished at 10 in fantasy quarterback rankings last year, and 10 he will be again. Miami has set him up for success. They added Suh to the defense. They added Kenny Still and DeVante Parker on the offensive side of the ball. Lamar Miller is ready for a breakout season, which will only help Tannehill in the backfield. Perfect set up to put up good QB1 numbers for fantasy owners. I would advise to steal this guy late in the rounds as your starting quarterback. Tannehill could have his best year yet.

9. Tom Brady: He’s a scandalous man to say the least. Be that as it may, Tom Brady is at 9 because he will miss some time at the beginning of the season. After week 5 of the 2014 season, Tom Brady went off. He looked father time in the eye and said “Not Yet”. He finished with 33 TDS, and 4,100 YDS. And to top it all off he won the Super Bowl. Until Tom Brady retires, he has to be taken as a starting quarterback. He’s not let anyone down as of yet, and he won’t until he finally decides to hang it up. Brady is going to be mad when he returns to the field. The NFL is not going to know what hit them when the great one returns to the field. He is a MUST draft. Fantasy owners, Brady will take you to the promise land.

8. Cam Newton: The real question is, are we going to see Superman or Clark Kent after this big contract. Newton missed the first two games of the season and dealt with nagging injuries for rest of last season. Still, he managed a way to get the panthers into the playoffs with a losing record. Newton just got his big contract, and history shows that once quarterbacks get that contract they don’t have a good year. Cam’s got a lot going for him. He’s a red zone gold mine. Weather its running it himself, or throwing it, Newton is going to give you good points in the red zone. He averaged about 20 points per game in a standard fantasy league, which is good for a starting QB. Now that he has had the offseason to get healthy, he should be back to his old self. Kelvin Benjamin has a good rookie year under his belt. Jonathan Stewart finally stepped up to the plate and became the number one back. Cam’s got some good weapons, but his best weapon is himself. I believe fantasy owners should draft Cam because you can always count on Supermancam-newton-panthers-qb

7. Matt Ryan: He comes in around 7 every year. Ryan is someone you can rely on to air the ball out. Especially since he has Julio Jones. He had 415 passing attempts last year, and completed 66% of those. Since 2011 he has always thrown for more than 4,500 YDS and around 30 TDS. Great starting quarterback numbers. With new coach Dan Quinn, Ryan will get rejuvenated and be more excited this coming season. Expect him and Julio to take their relationship to the next level. Fantasy owners will be able to get Ryan at a good bargain. I encourage people to reach for Matty Ice. He’s not going to let owners down in the slightest. After all he’s got ice in his veins.

bigBen26. Ben Roethlisberger: Holy Crap this guy had a phenomenal year in 2014. He was 50 yards shy of 5,000 and he had 32TDS and only 9INTs. Fantasy stud right here. Big Ben couldn’t ask for a better situation in Pittsburg. Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell make it easy for Roethlisberger. It’s hard to imagine him putting up better numbers than he did last year, but I think he does it. The Steelers are going to put up a significant amount of points per game. Fantasy owners MUST draft Big Ben. It will be the biggest regret of their lives if they don’t. I believe he finishes top 3 this coming year. Get ready for an MVP type year from Big Ben Roethlisberger.

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