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Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith hosted his annual football camp last week and he hosted more than 200 children from first to eighth grade at the “Hy-Vee Alex Smith Football ProCamp.” The camp focused mostly on both quarterback and wide receiver positions. “Me being the quarterback, there’s a lot of offensive emphasis out here, a lot of throwing and catching,” Smith said. “This is really about the kids. Summer’s out, so here’s a chance for a couple days of camp to come out and learn a little bit about football, have some fun and compete a little bit.”

The head coach at Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, Rob Huber helped Smith with the camp. “I do 25 camps tempTPR10164--nfl_mezz_1280_1024a summer and without a doubt, Alex Smith is very special,” Huber said. “He gets here early, he plays with every team out here. We have over 200 kids here and he’s made a commitment to play on every kid’s team, to work with every kid individually in a small group.” Alex Smith interacted with all the children who came and for him; he said he was just happy for the opportunity to give back.

“It’s fun,” Smith said. “This community gives us so much support. I don’t think there’s any place like this in the country—Arrowhead and this entire community. For us, this is home. We work here, we spend so much time here and to be able to come out and interact with the entire community and meet the families, it’s fun. It’s worth it.”


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