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QB Rankings: 15-11

ColinKaepernick15. Colin Kaepernick: Kaepernick had an awful 2014 season. I believe critics are too hard on him. He’s had almost two full seasons leading to playoff appearances, with deep runs. People look at him and see that he has got so much potential to be a Russell Wilson type quarterback, with the arm, body build, and legs. He just hasn’t lived up to that yet. Last year was a letdown season for Colin. Plain and simple: he didn’t live up to the hype. This 2015 season is the season that will define his career and identity. Regardless of a playoff appearance, Kaepernick has to produce some extreme numbers to shut everyone up. And until he does that he comes in the middle the pack at 15.

14. Matthew Stafford: He may be a lion, but Stafford is far from being king of the jungle. Stafford is usually ranked in the top ten, but do to his lack of play last year and Stafford never living up to any of his projections, he comes in at 14. We can cut him a little slack since Johnson was injured half the year, but with an arm like Stafford’s… He should be around the top 5 year in and year out. 2011 was his best year, and since then he has been declining. Every year he is projected to throw close to 5,000 yards, but never does. Stafford has all the upside to be a great starting quarterback for fantasy teams, but I would hold off on him until he can prove his worth. Stafford would be a solid QB2 in fantasy leagues. Hopefully with a healthy Calvin Johnson, and a proven Golden Tate, Stafford can get the ball rolling.

13. Tony Romo: TonyRomoIt’s hard putting Romo at 13, simply because he always out performs his projections. Romo has been around the top 10 for the past few years, and usually doesn’t get the credit he deserves. Round of applause for Tony Romo and the Cowboys last season. They went far in the playoffs and Romo finally got some big wins under his belt. However, they lost the biggest asset to their game, Demarco Murray. The run game opened up everything for Romo. It’s a lot easier to throw TDs to Dez Bryant, when there is 8 stacked in the box. Now the Cowboys will be going with a running back by committee approach. The ball will be in Romo’s hand a lot more, and judging from the past that’s not always a good scenario. Last year when the game was on the line it was in Murray’s hands, not Romo’s. Romo doesn’t want to have the ball in his hand at the end of the game, because he can’t handle the pressure. This is why he is put at 13 because the Romo of old could be making a comeback in 2015.

12. Philip Rivers: I give nothing but the nod to Philip Rivers. This guy has been consistent year in and year out. You can always count on him to play the full 16 games. Rivers hasn’t missed a game since 2006. Probably the most durable quarterback in the NFL. Rivers has tremendous passion for the game and never quits. Melvin Gordon will definitely open up the ground attack, which will help Rivers out more. I also believe Keenan Allen has a bounce back year. I see Rivers putting up better numbers than he did last year. Expect him to throw for 4,500 YDS and around 30TDS. Rivers is a great starting quarterback for any fantasy league.

EliManning11. Eli Manning: He’s ranked at 11 due to his past performances and that he has a high tendency to throw a lot of interceptions. However, this is the year of Eli Manning. He has never had a better offensive supporting cast around him. Now, he has a grip on McAdoo’s system and he’s got possibly the best wide receiver in Odell Beckham. If Cruz can return close to the form he was before… my goodness that’s a scary wide receiver core. Not to mention the fact that Eli’s got two solid safety nets in Shane Vereen, and Rashad Jennings. My prediction is Eli has the best season of his career in 2015. He is going to put up 5,000 YDS and 30 plus TDS. Fantasy owners, it’s time to take the chance on Eli Manning as your quarterback. The risk will pay off. Manning will be a top 5 fantasy quarterback by years

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