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2015 NBA Mock Draft: Picks 21-30

No one really pays attention to the final 10 picks of the Draft, and for good reason – most of the time, the players selected at this stage in the Draft are eternal bench players. Most players will remain bench players for the remainder of their NBA careers; however, there are a number of late-round selections who actually make a name for themselves during their careers. For that reason, we should all focus on these final 10 picks – these players might be the only thing standing in the way of a team dropping down and out of playoff contention. These are the final 10 picks for the First Round of the 2015 NBA Draft:

21. Dallas Mavericks select PF Montrezl HarrellMontrezl+Harrell+Providence+v+Louisville
Dirk Nowitzki is old and only has one or two years left before he retires. With that said, Nowitzki is still one of the most dominating and multi-dimensional power forwards in the game. But it’s time for the Mavs to think of the future – a future without the guy who has been the face of their franchise. Montrezl Harrell has all the physical tools necessary to be a dominating post presence, but he lacks the maturity or experience required to be an effective starter. Nowitzki, a guy who has managed to stay out of trouble for the vast majority of his career, can show Harrell how to enjoy an effective and successful career at that level. Harrell is a guy who will not make an immediate impact, but can be an effective successor to the future Hall of Famer that is Dirk Nowitzki.

22. Chicago Bulls select SF Rondae Hollis-Jefferson
A defensive small forward like Rondae Hollis-Jefferson might not fit the mold of new head coach Fred Hoiberg’s vision of the prototypical small forward, but he doesn’t have much of a choice. Mike Dunleavy is well past his prime and Doug McDermott is a less coordinated but a more physical Jimmer Fredette. While McDermott and Dunleavy are experts at putting the ball through the basket, neither can effectively shut down premier small forwards like Kevin Durant, LeBron James, or Andrew Wiggins. Hollis-Jefferson is one of the best defenders in this year’s Draft and has the potential to develop into one of the best role players in the history of the NBA.

23. Portland Trail Blazers select SG R.J. Hunter
R.J. Hunter can provide instant offense on a team known for their ability to produce on the offensive side of the ball. Hunter averaged almost 20 points a game during his time at Georgia State, where he led his team to a victory over Baylor in the NCAA Tournament and nearly led them to a victory against an eventual Sweet Sixteen team in Xavier. His offensive production mixed with his willingness to be physical make him the perfect guy to play opposite Damien Lillard in the backcourt.

JustinAnderson24. Cleveland Cavaliers select SF Justin Anderson
The Cavs don’t want to suffer the same fate the Thunder did when they lost their star Kevin Durant to injury and didn’t have a suitable replacement. Knowing this, the Cavs are going to select a guy who can come in and produce when necessary. Justin Anderson is no LeBron James; however, he is raw and can learn under James and become a suitable replacement if and when LeBron goes down.

25. Memphis Grizzlies select SG Rashad Vaughn
While the Grizzlies do have talent at the 2 guard, all of their talent at that position is old. Vince Carter and Courtney Lee are all well past their prime. Rashad Vaughn is a guy who can come in and make an immediate impact.  The 6’5″ freshman out of UNLV averaged 18 points and 5 rebounds last season and can only improve from here. He is a little immature and can make bad decisions if he is in a bind. Learning under two legends in Carter and Lee will help Vaughn mature and develop and become the shooting guard of the future for Memphis.

26. San Antonio Spurs select PG Jerian Grant
As the “Big 3″ era of Duncan, Parker, and Manu is drawing to a close, the Spurs are looking for pieces to build around their new star in Kawhi Leonard. At 6’5”, Jerian Grant is very long and very physical, especially for a point guard. Tony Parker will be able to pass on the knowledge he has acquired over the course of his illustrious career to Grant. The Spurs will be undergoing a substantial rebuild in the near future; however, thanks to players like Leonard and Grant, the rebuild won’t set the Spurs back very far.

27. Los Angeles Lakers (from Houston) select PG Delon Wright
Jeremy Lin is not a suitable starting point guard. He had his time in New York and Houston, but he is not producing as expected in L.A. Delon Wright is a guy who can come in and produce right away. He is very tall at 6’6″. He can play defense and is very creative with the ball in his hand. He is a stat-stuffer extraordinaire, with 15 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists per game in a competitive Pac-12. His 29.5 PER puts him at or near the top of this class. One of my favorite players in this class can thrust the Lakers back into immediate playoff contention.

28. Boston Celtics (from L.A. Clippers) select PF Christian WoodChristianWood
The Celtics are weak at power forward and Christian Wood can be a suitable talent at this position while the Celtics work on acquiring a better player to fill this role. Wood has tremendous upside, but his skills don’t immediately translate to the NBA game. He can learn under veteran journeyman Brandon Bass, but he can only learn so much. He will have to learn on the fly, which he has shown an ability to do before. While this is not the ideal situation for Wood, this is a place where he can get immediate playing time and develop his skills the old-fashioned way: by playing the game.

29. Brooklyn Nets (from Atlanta) select PF Chris McCullough
Obviously, the Nets’ primary position of need is at shooting guard; however, the next best shooting guard is J.P. Tokoto, who is a mid-second round prospect and really doesn’t warrant a first round selection. There is a surplus of talent at the power forward position, where the Nets need depth. McCullough only played 16 games during his only season at Syracuse, but he did produce. 10 points and 7 rebounds per game is no small task, especially in the super-conference that is the ACC. McCullough is still very raw, but has all the tools necessary to be an effective power forward in the coming years. He will be a solid trading piece in a few seasons, if the Nets don’t trade Thaddeus Young and promote McCullough to the starting position before that happens.

30. Golden State Warriors select C Guillermo Hernangomez
A team that is stacked at all positions could use some depth at the center position, where the injury-prone Andrew Bogut has occupied the starting role for the duration of the Warriors’ rise to prominence. Hernangomez is a true international, coming to the NBA from the Euroleague, where he averaged 10 points and 6 rebounds in 50 games played. Hernangomez will be a benchwarmer for his time in Oakland, but hopefully he can be traded to a team who really needs a solid backup center so his talent doesn’t go to waste.


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