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Countdown Continues QB’s 20-16

Rankings 20-16

20. Sam Bradford: Flacco had a pretty good 2014 season. He got hot for a minute with Torrey Smith down the stretch. flaccoFlacco is unstoppable when he’s on fire, especially with the deep ball. The problem is, when he is off his game he is unbearable to watch. He has one of the strongest arms, but he sometimes struggles with accuracy and inconsistency. Torrey Smith is now gone, which leaves concerns about who Flacco will throw the ball too. Steve Smith had a good year, but he is getting older now, and most of the other receivers on the roster have some work to do. With that being the issue, the Ravens will run the ball the majority of the game, and for Fantasy owners that’s not a good thing. Expect Flacco to be a QB2 at best.

19. Sam Bradford: AKA Mr. Injury. So far all Sam Bradford is good for is keeping a spot on the injured reserve list. I’m surprised Bradford doesn’t have bionic knees at this point. Everyone has high hopes for him since he went to a new system. Keep in mind that he is going to a system that has a faster pace and requires mobility. Does this sound like a good fit? Bradford does have a quick release which benefits him and the system, but I don’t see Bradford staying healthy for a full year. He has a pretty high ceiling and a system to be proven good, but the eagles will get 8 solid starts out of him at most. Even he might be on sidelines tebowing soon. Bradford gets the nod at 19 strictly for potential. If I’m I fantasy owner I stay far away from Bradford.Carson-Palmer-Cardinals

18. Carson Palmer: We are going back to back on injuries here. Palmer put up concrete numbers when he was able to suit up. Arians offense ranked in the top 10 in passing yards when Palmer was in there. He’s got a good deep threat in Floyd, and he has Mr. Reliable, Larry Fitzgerald. If Palmer was healthy last year, Arizona would have gone far in the playoffs, and given Seattle a true run for their money. He’s going to get his opportunities, especially when Arizona’s got one of the best defenses in the league. The scary thing for Palmer is, one more injury and it will probably be the end of his career. Palmer must play 14-16 games to salvage his career and live up to his contract. He’s a risk for fantasy, but if he’s healthy… watch out. A healthy Carson Palmer could end up with a top 12 fantasy finish.

17. Jay Cutler: NFL Fans instantly start shaking their heads when it comes to Cutler. He seems to be such a waste of talent year after year. He has so much potential of tearing up the fantasy world, but never lives up to the hype. For these reasons Cutler hasn’t earned a higher ranking than 17. If he can cut down on the turnovers, he would be a solid fantasy quarterback. Chicago usually plays from behind a lot, due to their horrible defense, but it’s all a mental game for Cutler. He seems to always hang with the best, but then for some weird reason tails off. Hopefully John Fox can instill a positive mental aspect so Cutler can get it together. He’s got good targets in Forte, Bennett, and Jeffrey. He SHOULD put up close to 30 TDs and over 4,000 yards. Owners should snag him as a solid backup quarterback, but don’t be surprised if he is another let down.

16. Teddy Bridgewater: Ladies and Gentleman…. Teddy Bridgewater is the fantasy dark horse for this season. Teddy had a solid rookie Bridgewatterouting, and this year his weapons increased. Teddy is nimble in the pocket, and has shown good fundamentals. Not to mention that he can gain yards on the ground too. He’s got a legit deep ball threat with the addition of Wallace. And if Adrian Peterson ends up cooperating, the Vikings offense could be dangerous. AP opens up everything for Teddy. If all goes right, Teddy could be the steal of the draft for fantasy owners, especially in keeper leagues.

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