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Blatter elected for fifth term as FIFA president after Prince Ali withdraws

Sepp Blatter has secured a fifth term as president of FIFA.

Blatter’s only rival for the post secured 73 votes in the first round of voting before withdrawing from the election race.

Reportedly, 53 of the Jordanian’s votes came from UEFA.

79 year-old Blatter received 133 votes – 7 short of the total needed to secure victory outright – but is now set for another four years as president of football’s governing body.

After applauding his opponent, Blatter said; “I thank you, you have accepted me for the next four years. I will be in command of this boat of Fifa. We will bring it back off shore.”

“We need in this committee women. We need ladies.

“We won’t touch the World Cup. I am a faithful man, God, Allah, whoever, they will help us to bring back this Fifa. At the end of my (four year) term, I will give Fifa to my successor. It will be robust.

“I like you. I like my job. I am not perfect. Nobody is perfect. Together we go. Let’s go Fifa! Let’s go Fifa!”

Prince Ali withdrew from the election just before the second round of voting was due to take place.

The 39 year-old reportedly said; “I withdraw from the race as I dont want to get those brave enough to support me in any more trouble.”

Despite Blatter’s win, the first round of voting was closer than many had predicted, with all CONMEBOL and Oceanian federations reportedly voting for Prince Ali.

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