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The Night of Day

Is there something to playing in the day rather than the night? Here are 2 examples that may sway your opinion.

cabrera2One of the best hitters in baseball, Miguel Cabrera struggles to make contact at night. How bad does he struggle? In his 1st 17 night games of the 2015 season he is batting .158 with no home runs. By comparison, in his 1st 18 day games he is batting .471 with 8 home runs.

The Oakland Athletics have been terrible in day games as a team. In their first 13 games they have compiled a record of 1-12. 6 of those 12 losses were by 1 run, and 2 of the remaining 6 were both by a score of 2-0. Oakland@Night

I never thought there was a correlation between good or bad play and night or day conditions. But, these 2 opposite end of the spectrum facts make a person wonder.


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