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Fantasy Quarterback Countdown

QB Rankings 25-21

NickFoles25: Nick Foles: Foles had good production when he played in Philly. This could just have been due to the system, but we have to believe that he’s got some juice left in the tank, that’s why Foles sneaks into the top 25. The rams got a great looking defense this year, which helps. They have a good young team, and a solid coach in Jeff Fischer. The back field is shaping up nicely, with Tre Mason, and Todd Gurley. The wide outs got some speed with Tavon Austin, and Kenny Britt. Foles is flying under the radar, which could be a good thing for fantasy owners later in the season.

24: Jameis Winston: Had to go with a rookie here. Winston has more weapons to start off with than Mariota. He’s got two big wide receivers in Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans to toss the ball up too. He’s got the body build, and knows his read progressions. However, he is a rookie, so we can’t bank on him just yet. With that being said, Winston still has the capabilities put up some pretty good rookie numbers this year like RGIII did in 2012.

23: Robert Griffin III: It’s tough to go with a guy that has received constant injuries and got benched for Colt McCoy at the end of last season. His speed has decreased due to the lower body injuries. He definitely needs to work on his throwing accuracy as well. If RGIII can stay healthy he has all the weapons to make him a successful fantasy quarterback this year. We can’t forget that RGIII has to get along with Gruden, because we know Gruden has no problem with benching Griffin. Griffin has a high risk, high reward type game. Until RGIII proves to be consistent, he won’t be ranked out of the top 20.AlexSmith

22: Alex Smith: People like to refer to Smith as the ultimate caretaker. Doesn’t make too many turnovers, but doesn’t take to many risks. Smith has a supreme weapon in Jamal Charles, which helps his numbers out. However, Smith needs to take his deep ball game to the next level, and hopefully that happens now with the addition of Jeremy Maclin. Smith didn’t throw one touchdown to a receiver last year, which is pathetic, and why he is ranked at 22. Now is the time, with the evolution of Kelce and addition of Maclin, for Smith to elevate his game to the next level. If he doesn’t end up doing this sometime soon, the Chiefs will never be able to break through this complacent barrier that they have.

21: Andy Dalton: Andy Dalton got his contract deal, and I believe that’s all he cares about. Dalton is the perfect example of a B+ quarterback. Dalton will always be the quarterback that is good enough to always win the starting job, but never good enough to win the big game. I don’t get it… he has one of the top receivers in AJ Green, and two young tailbacks, Jeremey Hill and Giovani Bernard, that are extremely gifted. He should be putting up great fantasy numbers. This is why we have him at 21 because it’s the same old let down every single year, and until he can prove otherwise he doesn’t make the cut into the top 20.

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