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Who are the best NBA Big 3?

The NBA has had many teams that have had so called “big three” throughout its history.  From Bill Russell, Sam Jones, John Havlicek, to Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, James Worthy, to Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis  Rodman, these guys led their teams to greatness.  Other big threes like Pierce, Garnett, Allen and James, Wade, and Bosh have gone on to win championships and put themselves in the records books. But isn’t there a “big three” that I forgot.  The best big three of this era and may be one of the best ever: Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker.scottie-pippen-1996-bulls

When you look at what Duncan, Ginobili, and Parker have done, it amazing.  These guys have won multiple championships, have never missed the playoffs, and have become fan favorites all around the league.  Their popularity and recognition continues to grow and they state their case every year that they are the best.  One thing that makes these guys so well at what they do is the people around them.

Gregg-PopovichGreg Popovich is one of the winning-est coaches in the NBA.  This season he won his 1,000th game and became only the ninth coach in NBA history to do so.  Along with his brilliant coaching, the Spurs put together a championship caliber team every year.  With the supporting cast of Danny Green, Boris Diaw, Tiago Splitter, Kawhi Leonard, Patty Mills, the Spurs have been far from shorthanded.  These guys are players that have helped Tim, Manu, and Tony to become the players they are.  You can’t forget guys like Bruce Bowen, Nzar Muhammad, and Robert Horry who were key supporters of the big three in San Antonio.  With three stars on your team, they are seen to take control of games and dominate their opponent.  Well sometimes they were not on their game and others had to step up.  That is what makes a great team, depth.  You have to be able to have your bench players come into games and play their hearts out and make their own big three.  There have been times where Parker, Tim, or Mau have gone through rough patches but guys have been there to pick up the slack.  The Spurs bench has always been there, but what about the fundamental basketball that Parker, Duncan, and Ginobili have played.bruce-bowen-8

When you watch a team like the Los Angeles Clippers or the when Lebron was on the heat, they can entertain crowds like no other.  From huge dunks to Alley-oops to behind the back passes, they don’t fail to keep the crowd from jumping out of their seats.  When it comes to the Spurs, they are boring to watch.  Why would I say that about such a successful team you ask? Well, it’s true.  The Spurs won’t wow you or show off, they just go out and play fundamentally sound basketball.  And this is what makes the Spurs so good.  They get everyone involved and win by playing unselfish basketball.  There are no Lebron’s down south; these guys play for each other.  It may be boring ball, but when you look closely, this team has been one of the best since 2003.

Also, the way Tim, Manu, and Tony all play with themselves is amazing.  These guys know each other like the back of their hand.  They are best friends and once they started to get good in the early 2000’s, people knew these guys would never be split up.  The ways these guys go out on the floor every night and just play for the love of the game is phenomenal.  These guys are special and in my eyes, it can be argued that they are three of the best players to ever play the game.

Who knows how much longer these guys will play pointing out that Parker 33, Ginobili 37, and Duncan 39 are not in their youth anymore.  I could see them all retiring together and if that’s occurs, their number will and should all be retired and will make the hall of fame on the first ballot no doubt.  These guys have marked their territory in the league and have set an example of sportsmanship and teamwork that should be an example of the league going further.

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