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St. Louis Blues Agree to 1 Year Deal With Head Coach Ken Hitchcock

The St. Louis Blues just agreed to a 1 year deal with their coach Ken Hitchcock for the 2015-16 season. Many spectators had believed that this last season was the make it or break it year for the 4 year head coach. We have seen many NHL team’s around the league rid their clubs of either the head coach, GM, or in some cases both, in hopes of shaking things up. The Blues are not going to go this same route for at least another year as they work to make some key changes within the lines and change the team’s consistent style of getting bounced out early in the Playoffs.

I was personally more on the side of changing up both sides of the ice within reason. For instance, I thought that bringing in a Randy Carlyle, a more stern styled type of coach, may be the type of change needed for the veteran’s on the team while simultaneously looking at possible options in the trade market. A Carlyle at the least, would provide a different voice within the room and a different style of play on the ice. The trade market for the club is the other pivotal key piece and will be about the only option for some players. This year’s free agency is a weak one and the Blues really don’t have much room in the salary department, especially with the hopes of signing Vladimir Tarasenko to a long term deal.

Further reasoning is that the Blues seem tired of the buy in to Hitch’s style. Hitchcock expects a ton from his players and is a solid coach for all intense purposes, however some have concluded by now that while the players are able to keep up with his expectations during the regular season, they seem very burnt out during the Playoffs. This can be seen by 100 plus points in the regular season 3 of his 4 years, but with just one Playoff series win in the Playoffs. Other speculation has also arisen that there is a separation in the mindset between the players and Hitch. This of course is simply just that, and nothing more than any other club seems to experience from the outside looking in.

Regardless, as usual for the St. Louis Blues; only time will tell. Blues fans are absolutely sick of the “Blues Way.” One of the best regular season teams in the league, only to falter like an unsure Wild Card team in the Playoffs. Another season of dissatisfaction for Blues fans and another offseason to let the wounds heal in hopes that next year’s team will finally prevail and become the team that the fans know they’re capable of being.

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  1. Michael Ballentine

    May 27, 2015 at 3:04 am

    I do not understand what everyone’s obsession is with winning in the post season, especially when you consistently win in the regular season. I can understand if you only win every 4th or 5th season and don’t win in the regular season for another 4 or 5 seasons but if you consistently win seemingly every regular season you should, as a fan be happy with that and simply consider the play-offs as icing on the cake.

    Aside from the shortened 2012-13 season, the Blues finished with 100-plus points in each of Hitchcock’s four seasons, including 109 this season. Hitchcock is 175-79-27 in the regular season with the Blues and fourth on the NHL’s all-time wins list with 708. Hitchcock has has guided the Blues to four straight postseason appearances and two Central Division championships. During Hitchcock’s four-year tenure, the Blues have posted the NHL’s best regular season record (175-79-27, .671) and achieved three of the top four regular season records in franchise history.

    Overall, the Edmonton, Alberta native has posted a 708-429-185 (.606) all-time regular season mark, slotting him fourth on the NHL’s all-time wins list. In 18 NHL seasons, including stints with Dallas, Philadelphia, Columbus and St. Louis, he has led his teams to eight division titles and a dozen 100-point regular seasons, while he is the only coach in League history to record at least 125 regular season wins with four different teams. This proves that HE is a good coach and the Blues should be happy to have him, and realize most NHL teams would love to have him. Stop looking at one single aspect of his coaching resume and look at the overall resume and stop complaining!

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