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Will Javier Baez Be Called Up Soon?

Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon said again during the week that Javier Baez can make any defense better. Maddon quickly dismissed a javier-baez-mlb-chicago-cubs-pittsburgh-piratesscenario in which Kris Bryant would move to left field to make room for Baez, who has been playing second base and shortstop at Triple-A Iowa, at third base to give the team more offense.

“I like depth,” Maddon said. “I like depth in a long season. I don’t like pushing and pressing people to get here before it’s their time or before it’s absolutely the necessary time to do it.” He did admit there’s a possibility Bryant eventually could move to left field, but quickly added that left fielder Chris Coghlan had recently just hit two home runs on May 19th’s game against the Padres. Javier Baez is hitting .308 with an .823 OPS this month, after he took a leave of absence in April to deal with the death of his younger sister.baez

Maddon said Baez was one of the finest young infielders he’s seen, but at the moment he’s not displeased with anyone out there right now. “Sometimes you just have to wait for your opportunity,” Maddon said. “I hear he is doing well, and that’s good. When you get thick and have that depth coming, something is going to happen. It always does. I hate to say it. It does. Baseball has a cruel way of answering its own questions. Right now from Javy’s perspective, the biggest thing he has to do now is to stay ready.” I personally like Javier Baez and it would be awesome to see him play alongside Kris Bryant and Addison Russell. But I do agree with Joe, no one has been disappointing. His time will come.

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