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Well the BCS is gone, it ended with a bang in the most entertaining Championship game in years. But the system never really worked, many teams unhappy, law suits filed, and the power 5 creation. Now we have been given the gift that college football fans have wanted forever, a playoff! 4 teams at the end of the season put in a playoff for the National Championship. The first four teams selected Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, and Ohio State; a very interesting group to get this new system started off with. But is it right? I will now go over the good and the bad of the new system and respond to common complaints.2015NCFlogo


– Alabama over-rated: I honestly don’t feel that Alabama is the best team, they started off the season not looking sharp at all but picked it up and are now very good, but it came with a loss. Oregon has a loss too but they are the only team to beat the team that they lost to in a separate meeting, I feel Oregon is the real number one and that Alabama got lucky by their history of National Championships. NEGATIVE.

– TCU drop for 3 to 6: This is looked at as a bad thing but I personally think it is spot on. They where the number 3 team in the Nation but an Ohio State win against Wisconsin moved them up a ton and showed the real power that Ohio State has and propelled them forward. TCU did not drop, Ohio State just moved up. so this is a POSITIVE in my eyes.CollegeFootballTrophy

– Human: The committee is a group of men and women who choose the rankings, the same way with every other major championship in college. No one has a problem with Basketball or Baseball selection, why then is football such a problem and should be a computer. NO MORE COMPUTERS, the computers are the reason why the BCS failed. People also don’t like the idea of rankings coming out every week….. HEY GUESS WHAT….. the BCS did the same thing and no one had a problem with it. Clear POSITIVE.

– Seeding: congratulations FSU for going undefeated, but you looked terrible doing it. Yes you did deserve to be the 3rd Seed because this is a RANKINGS SYSTEM. I wish people would realize that these are RANKINGS NOT STANDINGS. If you want a clear defiant system of choosing the best team your asking for a standings system and therefor no need for a selection committee. You don’t look good when you play football FSU so yes you are RANKED 3rd, plus with your logic in arguing this Marshall is a top 10 team! CLEAR POSITIVE.

– Rankings: I personally agreed with every single weeks rankings, they made perfect sense to me.
So as you can see I have way more positives for this system then negative… so my grade for this system is so far is an (-A). Its a great improvement and is almost perfect.

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