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MLB Marquis Match-up

The holiday weekend brings us plenty of good match-ups, but 2 that I want to focus on which will have the same basic yet interesting theme. In both match-ups you will have a perennial consistent team going up against a new team having success. It will be an interesting dynamic to see who prevails the old guard, or the young gun.

The first match-up is Kansas City vs. St Louis in Kansas City for a 3 game set.

Overall the Cardinals lead this series 30-16, but the Royals have been bad for a long time and the Cardinals have been really good for a long time. Therefore if you look at the last 4 meetings, which took place in St. Louis, Kansas City has won 3 of the 4. The “Show Me State Series” will actually show us what these 2 teams are made of. I predict, the Royals will again make a big statement and sweep the 3 game set, but all 3 games will come down to 1 or 2 important turn of events within the game.

Saturday’s game will be on Fox at 7:15 EST and Sunday’s game will be on MLB Network at 2:10 EST.

Then there is what I think is the most interesting match-up of the weekend. The upstart Houston Astros in Detroit to play the Detroit Tigers. Another case of old guard in the Tigers vs a young gun in the Astros. The good thing is this is a 4 game series, and the bad thing is, this is a 4 game series. Honestly, these two teams will more than likely slug this out to a series tie of 2 games apiece. But, if you like home runs and offence in general this series should be entertaining.

Sadly, none of these 4 games will be televised on national television.

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