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The Minnesota Timberwolves have won the lottery and now sit with the number one pick in this years upcoming draft, and the rest of the order is set. Before we start looking at who’s going to pick who, I think it’s more important to look at if that team will even use their pick or not. This draft feels a bit different than the last few, because there are a lot of underclassman this year and it feels like a more risky draft. I feel like there is only one player who can come on and start on a NBA team day one, and that is Jahlil Okafor. Some teams got left out of the playoffs just because of injuries and it would make no sense to draft a new player and try to fit them into your system. So because this is the draft there will be trades, and with this years stock it will mostly be trades out of this years draft to next years. So I will go through each team in the first 14 and declare each team as a pick now team or a trade and wait team.


Minnesota Timberwolves: This team had the highest possibility of winning the lottery losing the most games out of any team. That being said I think for this team it’s clear that they do need something and the risk this year is worth it this is a PICK team.


L.A. Lakers: The last few years have been interesting for this team, they have tried a lot of different player combinations and coaches as well. Nothing has seemed to work for this team which is why they can also take a risk and PICK this year.


Philadelphia_76ersPhiladelphia 76’ers: Well this team has a plan, and it hasn’t worked yet surprisingly. Its not secret that this team is trying to lose to get the first overall pick. Over the last few years of this plan they still can’t get that pick in place. This year with the 3rd overall any other team would be happy, plus they have 6 picks total. If this team is as crazy as they sound I have an idea for them that may just work. TRADE you have 5 other picks and if you threw this one at a team and maybe a 2nd rounder leaving you with 4 picks for this year you are still in a good position. If you gave this pick up you could look at two first round picks next year to get a higher chance of that number one overall this year. Plus after the first two picks the stock in these players drops.


New York Knicks: This is the team I would suggest they try anything. They only have one pick this year and they are not sitting in any sort of a good position. You have to use this pick this year, they don’t have any real choice. If there is one they can try it, because I don’t know what to do with this team, just pray that your PICK turns out.


Orlando Magic : I’m leaning towards trade on this team but I am still unsure, they really just need a solid player, they already have 3 that average over 17 PPG but they really need another big man. I’m really leaning towards getting on a trade with a team and hoping the other team tanks next year and you get two picks next year. I think they feels the most safe to do. Probably a team like Brooklyn or Phoenix. If they could switch picks with Phoenix this year and get their 2nd next year I think that be a good trade or maybe even their 1st if you add a player to the mix. TRADE.


Sacramento Kings: This team I just truly don’t like, It just doesn’t look like the front office knows what they are doing when they put a team together, so with this team just PICK, and you can trade him after a few years like you always do.


Denver Nuggets: Denver? A few years ago this team seemed like it was headed in a good direction then everything just fell apart. They need to consider trading up this year or trade for a pick next year to get a star prospect that this team can rebuild around. TRADE.


PistonsDetroit Pistons: Another team that has just been stuck in this middle area for the last few years, they aren’t terrible but they are not in the playoffs either. This is the spot that is truly the hardest to get out of, and the only way is to get a huge break on a pick or get lucky in free agency. That being said this team just has to PICK and keep planning on how to get out of this hole.


Charlotte Hornets: Their draft pick a few years ago Kemba Walker currently sits as their best player but he only got in 62 games this year. What’s interesting about how this team got the 9th overall pick seeing that only 2 players on the team got more than 75 games in. They didn’t have a consistent starting 5 and they still beat out 8 teams. That being said can you trade the pick for health. O…. you cant. Well in that case PICK cause your team isn’t all that bad they just need to play more.


Miami Heat: I did not like this team the last few years but this year I just felt so bad for them. The front office did everything right to get this team back on good footing after having Lebron leave and they put together a great team with a trade right before the deadline, but before you could cheer, they lost Bosh for the year. This team doesn’t need this pick because I think they can make the playoffs with this team but there is no true gain in trading it. PICK.


Indiana Pacers: How did this happen to Indiana they were looking at a possible championship and now they aren’t even in the playoffs. PICK just pick and get healthy that’s all you can do.jazz


Utah Jazz: They have the talent on this team, they have a lot of talent, the only problem is that they are still too young. This team will be great with what they have if they get good quick enough to make them stay, that being said you’re done with the draft TRADE. You need to find a team that really wants a first round pick and get a player out of it. Get some experience for these kids to learn from. Utah gave OKC a loss that kept them out of the playoffs after OKC had a demanding first half. This team can take down greats.


Phoenix Suns: Another team caught in just this middle of the pack hole, same thing as the others just PICK and hope you land a good prospect.


Oklahoma City Thunder: They just need to focus on Enes Kanter the restricted free agent who helped them make a great last push for the playoffs and just came out a game short. That being said PICK but don’t stress if the prospect doesn’t turn out just focus on resigning your current team. Or trade down if salary cap is an issue.


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