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If you are into fantasy sports like I am you are always looking for any small advantage to help you squeak out a win. Here are two different players that should be available in most leagues that you can pick up and will do just that!

MattWeiters1) Matt Weiters– Catcher Baltimore Orioles- Most people got scared when they saw Baltimore place him on the 60 day D.L. last week. Don’t be. The starting date is back dated to the beginning of the season. This allows him to be activated on June 4th. Not that far away, and about when he would conclude his rehab stint in the minors anyway. This years crop of catchers is nothing spectacular, and adding Weiters could boost an already weak position. Let me tantalize you with this; from 2011-2013 (the last 3 seasons before he got hurt) he never hit less than 22 home runs per season.jaimeGarcia

2) If you need a starting pitcher, one you may recognize is back, Jaime Garcia. And if you don’t necessarily believe in him, believe in his team. The St. Louis Cardinals have the best record in the National League. They also consistently score runs, and have one of the better bull pens in the National League. Plus Garcia is a lefty.

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