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Hardest Schedule

  1. Steelers: Opponent Record and Winning Percentage: 147-107-2, .579BigBen2

Pittsburg always seems to get the short end of the stick schedule wise, but somehow always finds their way into the post season. Their first two games you can chalk up as wins, since there will be no Brady for game one, and the inconsistent 49ers for game two. Proceeding game two, the Steelers will have to scratch and claw with their schedule this year, but that’s nothing Big Ben isn’t used too.

  1. Bengals: Opponent Record and Winning Percentage: 144-112, .563

Being Part of the AFC North, Bengals have a similar schedule. With teams that have high power offenses, like the Ravens and Steelers, it will be tough for the Bengals to repeat as division champs.  The question is, If they do, can they push past their complacently in the playoffs? Will Andy Dalton show the world he can finally be considered a top tier QB?

  1. 49ers: Opponent Record and Winning Percentage: 143-112-1, .561

San Francisco has some work cut out for them with a new head coach, and some key defensive leaders gone. Kaepernick needs to show improvement fast to make sure this team doesn’t finish last in this division. Most of their difficult opponents come from their division, but sneaking wins against Green Bay, Arizona, Baltimore, and Cincinnati won’t be easy.

  1. Seahawks: Opponent Record and Winning Percentage: 142-112-2, .559

The numbers say their opponents are good, but we all know that it doesn’t matter who they face, Seattle will make it back to the playoffs if not the super bowl. With the addition of Graham, Seattle is frightening, enough said.

  1. Cardinals: Opponent Record and Winning Percentage: 142-113-1, .557

The NFC West is a tough division. Not to mention the fact that they have games against Pittsburgh, Seattle, Philly, and Green Bay. Hopefully Palmer can have a healthy year, because Lindley is unbearable. As long as their defense is like last year’s they should have another productive season.

Easiest ScheduleDanQuinn

  1. Atlanta Falcons: Opponent Record and Winning Percentage: 104-150-2, .409

Steven Gerrard has the perfect opportunity to redeem the city of Atlanta from last year’s horrific collapse. With their schedule, Atlanta should be flying high when it’s all said and done. Their hardest opponents are the Colts, Eagles, and Cowboys. As long as the Falcons get some type of defense identity, they should be able to compete for the division.

  1. Indianapolis Colts: Opponent Record and Winning Percentage: 106-149-1, .417

Some would argue that the Colts are the best team in the AFC. Their division is already weak, and their first real difficult game will come against the Patriots in week 6. Indianapolis should cruise to the playoffs and make a deep run with their new additions of Gore and Johnson.

  1. Houston Texans: Opponent Record and Winning Percentage: 106-148-2, .417

Statistically speaking they should be able to sneak away with another 9-7 or better record. If they could steal a win or two against a top tier team like the Bengals, Patriots, or Chiefs the rest of the schedule will be in their favor. However, with their lack of quarterback identity it could be difficult. Watt is beyond phenomenal, but that defense can only carry them so far.

  1. Tampa Bay: Opponent Record and Winning Percentage: 108-146-2, .425

Jameis Winston couldn’t ask for a better rookie season. The Bucs don’t have nearly as difficult of a schedule as last year and should be more competitive this year. With the majority of their opponent’s defenses being awful, Winston should be able to put up some solid rookie numbers. However, they are the Bucs… usually nothing is guaranteed for them but loses.

  1. New Orleans: Opponent Record and Winning Percentage: 109-145-2, .429

Everyone had the Saints winning the Division last year. They ended up being a big letdown. Even though they lost Graham and Stills, this could be a fresh start that Drew Brees needs. More of a run game could pro-long his career. Like Tampa, their opponent’s defenses are weak, so they should still put up some good offensive numbers. They could potentially have 8 wins if not more. We all know that nothing is guaranteed in this division, so that type of record could score them a playoff opportunity.

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