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The Top 10 MLB Teams Today

This is simply my list of the Top 10 MLB teams as of right now, today. If you do not see your team on the list, or think the seedings are wrong, make your argument, and if it is logical, I will post it below and give a shout out to our almost 2,000 strong followers on our Twitter page here.

10) New York Mets- They were recently swept by the Cubs, and injuries have finally caught up with them. But their pitching keeps them in the top 10.

Tori, you don't have to point to yourself, people are noticing your team.

Tori, you don’t have to point to yourself, people are noticing your team.

9) Minnesota Twins- I had no choice, I had to put them in the top 10. Especially since at years begening I thought they would be in the bottom 5.

8) Chicago Cubs- They swept the Mets, they are 5 games over .500, and if the season ended today they would be the 2nd Wild Card team.

7) Washington Nationals- Hop on the Bryce Harper train. I think by this time next week they will be pulling into Eastern Division Leading Station.

6) New York Yankees- 6 divisions in baseball. 4 of the next 5 teams are division leaders, and the Mets are clinging to their lead. So are the Yankees.

Yes Jose you are #2.

Yes Jose you are #2.

5) Detroit Tigers- They did just take 2 out of 3 from the Cardinals, but despite that they are still currently only a Wild Card team, so they are ranked at #5.

4) Los Angeles Dodgers- They are the class of the West, but not of the National League, so they rank at #4.

3) Kansas City Royals- The team has an identity, but to surge to #2 or #1 they need to show they have a clear-cut clubhouse leader.

2) Houston Astros- They are ripping up that pre-season paper, they did not look very good on.

1) St. Louis Cardinals- They did just loose 2 out of 3 to the Tigers, so they are showing they are beatable. But, their hot start still makes them #1.

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