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During the off-season, some quarterbacks go on vacation and relax before their season starts up again. But others give back during the off-season. That’s exactly what Cincinnati Bengals quarterback, Andy Dalton did.

On April 28th, the Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation and Northwestern Mutual-Cincinnati hosted a “Date Night” for 25 parents who care for seriously ill and special needs children. The Daltons and volunteers hosted the kids while the parents dined, all 635658546747668936-04282015-DaltonDateNightMV-0002expenses paid. “This is a chance for the parents to kind of get away and take some time for themselves,” Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton said. “These parents have to go through so much with their kids being sick and all of the hospital visits. Some of them have to be up there so much, they’re not able to take time for themselves. That’s what nice about this, to give them an opportunity to kind of get away and enjoy being with one another.” Andy Dalton’s wife says date night has always been important to them and they’ve always heard the struggles that parents face when caring for children with special needs or serious illness. “To be able to give them an opportunity to take some time for themselves and not have to worry about what’s going on with their kids because we can be here playing with them, it’s just really important to us to give them that time and then spend some one-on-one time with these kids,” she said.

The kids were very much 635658546920676263-04282015-DaltonDateNightMV-0001entertained with Wii games, canvases to paint, and an obstacle course. The parents had a four course meal and wine pairings. You don’t think about that when you see a sick kid,” Andy Dalton said. “You don’t think about it how it’s not just affecting the kid. Obviously he or she has to go through that, but it affects the whole family. It’s the time spent either at the hospital. Some parents have to stop working so they can devote all their time. There is so much stress that comes along with that.” Andy and his wife are surprised by the growth of the foundation, now in its’ fourth year and has stretched to Texas as well.


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