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So what is the punishment going to be?

I am almost tired of hearing and talking about it already and it has barley been 48 hours, but here is my take on Tom Brady and the incident that was and now is deflate gate.

Was there known Cheating?

We now know by the report that was released that there was obvious cheating. Members of the Patriots were deflating the footballs after they were approved by NFL officials. There are text messages in the report that back up this finding.

Did Tom Brady actually know the footballs were being doctored?

Yes he did. Again there are text messages in the report that confirm this. Those text messages were from the equipment people employed by the Partiots to and from Tom Brady’s cell phone. It is rather obvious from reading the over 225 page report that there were exchanges going on between Brady and these 2 equipment workers employed by the Patriots. There was talk of autographs and tickets and other forms of memorabilia and perks that only someone with Tom Brady’s clout could provide for them. These men were doing a favor for Brady and they were being compensated for those favors.

Which leads me to a couple of follow-up questions, neither of which I can definitively answer. How long was this going on? Brady has been the quarterback of the New England Patriots for 14 years and the one equipment person has been employed by the Patriots for over 30 years. So the answer to that question could be from 1 game to every game since Brady took over as quarterback. I am guessing that the answer falls somewhere in-between.

My second question, is one that I have no insight on whatsoever since the only time I ever throw a football is in the backyard with family or friends. And those occurrences are few and far between. How much of a difference does deflating a small amount of air really make? I guess the real question is did it give Brady an unfair advantage? I assume that it did, but I can not be certain. My assumption is based solely on the fact that Brady knew he was breaking NFL rules by having the balls deflated, and he decided that the reward of having them deflated was greater than the risk of being caught.

Did Tom Brady Lie?

If you look at the report, and the evidence given, the only conclusion is yes. Tom Brady stood behind a podium and said he did not know an employee of the Patriots yet there was text messages to and from Brady to him. And to me, lying about cheating is actually worse than the cheating act. Just tell the truth, we as fans will forgive you. But, when you lie it makes us question every word that you have said previous, and every word you say forward.

My Punishment

My maximum punishment would be to suspend Brady for an entire season. My minimal punishment would be to suspend him for 4 games. But in order to properly punishment Brady you must also remember that he was caught cheating in a play-off game. My punishment is different than anyone else I have read. I would not punish Brady any regular season games, that is correct, none. I would punish him for 6 play-off games. I think that would be a far worse punishment. Plus, if the Patriots could not make it out of the first round of the play-offs, then even if they made the play-offs 6 years in a row, Brady could not play.

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