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My Draft Town Experience

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The NFL draft was held in Chicago this year and to celebrate the city put together a town for fans. They called it “Draft Town” in Chicago’s Grant Park. NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell said the event was a huge success and rumors are swirling that the draft could return to Chicago. An estimated 200,000 people visited and I was one of them.

Draft Town was open Thursday April 30th-Saturday May 2nd. I was able to attend on Friday the 1st and it was such a fun experience. I walked in and had no idea where to even start. NFL network was there broadcasting live, as well as ESPN. Under the huge tent, are all 32 teams’ tables, along with a huge screen TV for fans to watch the draft on. Since the draft was held in Chicago, it was only right to celebrate the Chicago Bears. They had a history of the Bears set up with glory years, vintage gear, and memorabilia. You could get your picture taken with the Lombardi Trophy or view Super Bowl rings. There was also an autograph stage with different NFL stars signing each day and a place to get your11179976_10152949009646559_2612573109331821756_n own draft picture taken like you were drafted by your favorite team. They also had a NFL shop set up and much more to spend your money on.

Food and beverage were also available with Chicago classics like hot dogs and Ditka’s polish sausage. Each team had their own tent where fans could go in and win raffles, look at memorabilia, and celebrate their favorite team. A Sweetness Simulator, just like a sky diving simulator, except it was named Sweetness after the great Walter Payton was there for fans to try. Draft Town didn’t only have things for adults to do; they had a whole section dedicated to kids. As a part of Play 60, kids could run alongside NFL draftees on a huge screen and do obstacle courses like they’re at a combine. Adults were even allowed to participate in a field goal kicking challenge. Draft Town had lots for fans to see and do.

I was lucky enough to meet Marshall Faulk, Drew Stanton, Greg Olsen, and Charles Tillman. To putting my face in a life size football card, to meeting NFL legends and other super fans, I’m glad I was able to attend and see what Draft Town had to offer. It’s a nice way to share your love for the NFL with other fans, not just with people who like the same team as you, but with people who like different teams, as well. I hope the draft is held in Chicago again next year. Enjoy my pictures!

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