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Montreal vs. Tampa Bay: A Late Prediction

You don’t have to tell us twice, it’s definitely a late prediction with the game on Thursday already being game 4 but, trust us, we’ve believed in the Bolts all along. Sure, the majority of fans had their money on Montreal who had recently beat the Ottawa Senators in six games. There’s no doubt the Canadiens are a strong team but, it’s always fun to route for the underdog. In this case it seemed to be Tampa Bay.


Tampa Bay proved this statement wrong from the start of the series. They are ahead currently 3 games to nothing. Last year, in 2014, the Canadiens swept the lightning in the first round, it is easy to see this year the bolts aren’t having it. The Lightning just squeezed by the first round and beat Detroit in seven games while Montreal took the Senators in six. Tampa Bay had a 5-0 mark against Montreal during the regular season and on average outshot the Canadiens every time.


The key matchups are against Montreal’s PK Subban, and Tampa Bay’s Tyler Johnson. Subban was the leading goal scorer for the Habs this season, and is a very smart player on the ice. Johnson had six goals this season and is quick on his skates.


For the goalie matchup, the eye is on Carey Price for the Canadiens and Ben Bishop for the Lightning. Price has a .939 save percentage from his first round, while Bishop has a .922. Carey Price, Vezina trophy finalist, has the advantage he with his shaper skills and huge talent. As, for Bishop, his talent is overall great but also day to day. Some games he’s flawless and others he is all over the place.
For a final prediction since as of now it is 3-0 Lightning, our prediction would have to be Bolts in six. This would be saying the Canadiens have two more in them and then the Lightning get hungry and take the series winner. It’s a little bold but, not unrealistic. It’s always nice to see the underdogs come out on top.

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