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Ortiz Upset with what Red Sox offered fan for A-Rod’s 660

As most, if not all of you know, Alex Rodriquez hit his 660th home run while visiting Boston’s Fenway Park. The game was this past Friday, breaking a 2-2 tie in the 8th inning throwing some gasoline on an already hot rivalry. He also threw some gasoline on the record books as that home run tied the legendary Willie Mays for 4th all time on the home run list. So, obviously that ball; that was caught on the green monster by a Red Sox fan, will be valuable and the Yankees were trying to get it from the fan.

But, there was a small problem, the man who caught the ball was not extremely keen on giving up the ball. Mike Shuster told Dan Martin, according to his Twitter that he was not going to give the ball back to A-Rod.

In order to get the ball back, a member of Red Sox security tried to offer Shuster a David Ortiz autograph in exchange.

Ortiz, as you may expect,  was not happy.

That is not OK with me at all,” Ortiz told the New York Daily News on Saturday. “That’s not the way it’s supposed to work. They’re supposed to ask me before any of my (items) get offered to anyone.”

Surprisingly enough, Ortiz was not mad that his autograph was used as a bargaining chip to help benefit Rodriguez and the Yankees. He was upset because the team didn’t ask. “It’s not because they were doing this for A-Rod’s ball,” he told the News. “It’s because they’re supposed to ask for my (things) before they do something like that.”

“And if Alex really wanted the ball and they did this thing right, of course I’d sign some (items).”

So let me get this straight. Ortiz would sign for A-Rod from the rival Yankees in order for him to get a significant piece of memorabilia, but if the team who pays him tries to exchange an autograph for that same piece of memorabilia he has a problem with that? I do not understand why people worship this jerk so much when he makes comments like this. Is it just me or is Ortiz saying that he is bigger than the Red Sox? He said they had to ask him for his signature.

And does the man who caught the ball have the right to keep it? Or is it the property of MLB?

I invite you to comments on the questions posed in this article. We invite your professional and passionate feedback.

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