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Jeff Hardy Injury Video

Jeff Hardy has been with TNA Wrestling for quite some time, and was recently joined there by his brother Matt. Together it took them a while but they have once again climbed on top of the tag team heap by capturing the TNA World Tag Team Champions a few weeks ago in an Ultimate “X” match. But, there is a problem.

Jeff Hardy likes to do more than just wrestle. Not only is he a former multi-time World Heavyweight Champion but he also is an accomplished painter and a member of the band Peroxwhy?gen. He also enjoys motocross, which this time got him in trouble. He recently performed a motocross jump and broke his tibia. The tibia is the large bone between the knee and ankle in your lower leg. This will force TNA Wrestling to alter their plans, since they were planning on keeping the belts around the waists of these two brothers for a while. Jeff, as you may imagine, will be out of action for a number of weeks with his latest injury.

Here is the video of the incident where Jeff Hardy broke his leg.

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