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Canadiens In, Ottawa Out

Ottawa’s series began suddenly, after just clearing the amount of points needed to pass the remaining teams for the playoffs this year. On the last day of regular season, they rallied and made the cut.

craig-anderson4Ottawa was known for being the comeback team in the NHL at the start of the playoffs but ran out of comebacks later in the series. They lost the first three games to the Canadiens and were eventually eliminated in game six.

Like mentioned in our previous articles on the series, without a dominant goalie, it is a hard for this team to win, and facing play-off competition proved to be even more difficult. The Senators actually changed their goalie from Hammond to Anderson. Many questioned Coach Cameron’s decision but ultimately, we will never know if this would have made a difference.


Also mentioned in the previous series article, P.K. Subban recently slashed Ottawa’s forward Mark Stone. Stone is a finalist for the Calder Trophy as the league’s rookie of the year. The forward ended up with a micro fracture and ligament damage but, decided to play anyways. However, he was clearly not the same. His wrist was frozen before every game, and Stone did not play as well as usual, reasonably so.ottawa-senators-v-montreal-canadiens-game-five5

Their forwards were also not on the top of their game. There was definitely a lack of offense from Ottawa’s top players. In the end, there just wasn’t enough effort or execution up front to beat the Canadiens. Overall there truly was a lack of effort. Always, Ottawa would come out strong, but most of the time they would go out tired.

Carey Price was also a huge impact on the Senators. Being, for the most part unstoppable, Price held his own as best goalie in the league. Game six ended in a shutout for Price, and overall he had a strong series. Especially in game six, the goalie really rose to the occasion and played outstanding.The final score of the game was 2-0, and the series final was 4-2, both in Montreal’s favor. Montreal took the series, as previously predicted. So, the Canadiens will continue deeper into the Stanley Cup Playoffs as the Senators will work on improving their team in the offseason.

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