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Everyone knows Russell Wilson as the quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, but has he set his eyes on a different sport? He has always had a passion for baseball and like last year, he went to Spring Training with the Texas Rangers, who acquired his rights from Colorado in 2013.  “I never want to kill the dream of playing two sports, I would honestly play two sports.” Wilson said during an interview for HBO’s “Real Sports.” “That’s why the Texas Rangers got my fdcd217fef5d2ec4a72f1fc03013d0e4_crop_northrights. They want me to play. Jon Daniels, the [general manager], wants me to play. We were talking about it the other day.”

While speaking to reports, Daniels made it clear that he hasn’t tried to persuade Wilson to give up his helmet for a cap and glove. “Russell has the competitiveness and work ethic to where he’d have a shot if he committed to baseball,” Daniels said. “Obviously, he’s got a pretty good thing going on with the Seahawks, and we’re not going to get in the way of that.

Playing quarterback is more intensive than the positions of other guys who have attempted to play both sports.” Russell Wilson has talked regularly about his dream to play both sports at the highest level. He was a two-sport standout at North Carolina State before he transferred to Wisconsin for football. It’s unlikely he would be capable or have his team’s approval to play another high-level professional, but it’s nice to see him not giving up on his other love, baseball.


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