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I am Pulling and Praying for Josh Hamilton

I want everyone to know right now that I am both pulling and praying for Josh Hamilton. I also want you to know, there is no bigger baseball fan than I am.

I believe that Hamilton is good for the game and the Texas Rangers are the best place for Josh Hamilton. First, let’s go over the reasons why that Texas is best for Josh. He by far and away had his best years in a Ranger’s uniform, and I believe he can climb that tall Texas Mountain again. He won the 2010 American League MVP award in Texas  He was an All-Star all five seasons there, and the Rangers made the playoffs his final three years, including the World Series during his MVP season of 2010. Hamilton was among the finest players in the game during his five seasons in Texas, where he remains popular among his former teammates. He hit more than 30 homers with at least 100 RBI in three seasons, and in his final year in Texas, batted hit .285 with 43 homers and 128 RBI.

The Texas Rangers also seemed to be the only organization who was willing to surround him with a great support team. You would think, that the organization who signed him would want to protect their investment, much like the Ranger’s did. And it was a success, he did well in Texas. Players ask for certain things from their teams, tickets for their family, certain lockers, certain numbers and other things. Why would you not provide Hamilton with a good supportive network?

I have interacted with him, and seen him interact with others from afar. I lived and still do live in Arizona for the final 2 years of his tenure with the Rangers and his first year with the Angels. I saw plenty of people mock him for his addictions and for his religion, but never saw him do anything retaliatory back. And as we have seen in the past few weeks, some people can’t even keep their emotions in check for an entire 9 inning game.

Why is he good for the game? The biggest one for me is that he never lied. In a world where we have more social media than close friends, he came clean and admitted that he had done wrong and fallen back into bad habits. He did not dodge the incident, or try to blame it on a sample collector, or say it was not his fault. He went to MLB and told them himself that he made a mistake, then he went and got treatment for his mistake. No lies, no cover-up, just honesty. We have all made mistakes, we are made better by how we handle those mistakes.

Josh Hamilton is a good person, and if you don’t believe me, just ask his teammates. “I feel for him,” Rangers starter Derek Holland told “He’s a great guy. He taught me a lot, and he also helped me get close to my faith. We’ll always be there for him.”Yeah, he’s an Angel now. We don’t care. It’s more about the family aspect of it. He’s been very good to me; he was a great friend when he was out here. I’m pulling for him to get everything back and get in the right mind-set.”

I am pulling and praying for Josh Hamilton. I hope he goes where he can get the most help, and provide the most highlights.

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  1. Miguel

    July 3, 2018 at 11:57 pm

    Dear Michael,

    I came across this post just know as I was looking up Josh. I truly miss him and the immense energy he brought to the game. I never got to see meet him, nor see him play in person.

    Reading his book, watching his I Am Second video, and seeing him play made me feel like I knew him though. He was an inviting person.

    I truly wish I had gotten the chance to thank him for the unconscious impact he had on me during a harsh time.

    Thank you for this awesome article. And I am happy to see someone else believed in him too. I hope Josh is doing well.

    10/10 for the great article.


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