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What Should The Cubs Do With Castro?


The Chicago Cubs brought up their second top prospect, Addison Russell. He was the number two rated prospect going into the 2015 season by Baseball Prospectus. Although he is an accomplished shortstop, he will play second for the Cubs. What does this all mean for Starlin Castro and his future with the team? Will he stay at shortstop? Will he be put on the trading block?7646878

For the time being it seems all too early to even think about Castro being put on the trading block. Addison Russell has been prepped to play some second base. Castro and Russell will work together in the middle of the infield, for the time being. Addison is expected to take the shortstop position at some Starlin+Castro+Chicago+Cubs+Photo+Day+AG-J0sLu_vilpoint though. He would give the team the defensive talent they need for that spot. If the Cubs are looking to keep Starlin and Addison in the lineup for the long-term, they could continue with the two in the middle infield or they could move Russell over to short, Castro to third base, and Bryant to the outfield.

Castro committed 15 errors last season which was a career low. But Starlin Castro hears the criticism about his defense. He is tired of it and wants it to stop. “I have good talent to be a good shortstop,” Castro said. “I don’t want to be no joke anymore.” The only way I could see Starlin being brought up in some trade talk would be if the Cubs were unable to be competitive in the standings. He is a solid batter for most lineups and I could see a lot of teams interested if that happened.

For right now though, it’s too early and the Cubs need to keep him. He’s good with the bat and he’s been playing very well defensively in the last couple games. Joe Maddon also seems to be impressed at what he sees from Castro so far. “How about Castro at shortstop?” Maddon said. “Right now, I don’t know if you guys have seen him play a better shortstop. I’’m really impressed with what he’s doing out there.” It’s hard to envision the Cubs making a playoff run without him in the lineup.


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