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The St. Louis Blues Finally Play Blues Hockey

The Blues finally left it all on the ice for a full 60 minutes, concluding with a 6-1 victory against the Wild, while snapping a 9 game Playoff losing streak on the road. Through the first 3 games of the series, fans saw a Blues team that took the form of something very different than expected. Aside from two solid periods (Game 2), the Blues were playing a different brand of hockey; a brand that resembled the play of many other teams in the NHL who are now playing golf instead of Playoff hockey. Last night’s victory wasn’t just another game to tie the series. It was more a statement to the league, as well as to the fans still waiting for a Cup in St. Louis. The conclusion from last night was an effort from a team in the Blues that finally performed like a true Stanley Cup contender, instead of just another Playoff team hoping to make it past the first round.

For the Blues, they finally found their game that included forechecking on both ends, cycling in the offensive zone, crashing the net on Dubnyk, strong neutral zone play, and suffocating the Wild in the defensive zone. Before last night’s game, the Blues continued night after night in the offensive zone, trying to play 5 on 5 hockey as if they were on the Power Play. Pucks rarely were sent in deep as the Blues would revert to sending the puck to the blue line for opportunities that just weren’t there. The Wild would easily counter, defensively sitting in position, waiting to block a shot and transition to offense. Fans were elated to see the Blues play to their potential for the first time in the series.


St. Louis Blues vs. Minnesota Wild Game 4 Stats Breakdown

Both teams will now travel back to St. Louis for Game 5, where the Blues now hold the momentum heading into tomorrow’s match at the Scottrade Center. The Wild will be looking to regroup and find the success they’ve shown throughout the first three of four appearances, while the Blues will look to mirror their form from the 6-1 win in Minnesota. This series is far from over. The ultimate conclusion will not come from the thoughts of fans or experts alike, but from the players on the ice, allowing them to put away words with their play.

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