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A Late Prediction on the Ducks vs. Jets Series

We are well into the Anaheim Ducks vs. Winnipeg Jets series but, the prediction from us all along was that although we were rooting for the underdogs, the Jets, deep down all hockey fans knew that there wasn’t a fair chance for them. At the grand standings, Winnipeg was a distant 14 while Anaheim was holding their own at the ranking of number 4 in the league.

In hockey, Winnipeg hasn’t been very successful in the past years. This year the Jets surprised everyone after making a few smart trades which leveled up their team and rocketed them to near top of the league. The team nor their fan base has seen the playoffs in nineteen years! Therefore, the Jets have shown determination and desperation to be successful, especially since the trade deadline. Winnipeg had the fourth best goals-against and eighth-best save percentage since the trade deadline, thus becoming a strength of their team. It would be nice to see Winnipeg pull out all of their tricks and make a comeback! There’s no doubt that the Jets are a dangerous wild card team. But a wild card team none the less.

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As for Anaheim, they have really come together as a team over the past year. They are overall a tough competitor especially now that their lineup is healthy. Other teams have a tough time fighting Anaheim’s line combinations specifically their center combination. They have also improved their defense and gained many key players with trade deadline acquisitions. The Ducks are the overwhelming favorite according to sports fans and reporters but many hope to see the Jets put up a fight!

 Between the two teams there are many key match-ups to follow. When it comes down to goalies, the two main guys to watch are Frederick Anderson of the Ducks, and Ondrej Pavelec of the Jets. While neither team has a main goalie these have proven to be the most consistent starters. The advantage goes out to Pavelec with the higher save percentage but, clearly this doesn’t matter much because the Ducks are still managing to get pucks past home, and continue to take the wins.

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When it comes to offence, the Jets hold a strong number. Offence is definitely a key importance in Winnipeg’s strategy. At the same time, Anahiem has been the team in favor of the number of goals per game. Defensively, both teams have shown to be strong. While the games have recently been high scoring, the defence on both sides have been doing a good job at moving the puck.

This series is an interesting series to predict due to the difference in rank. When filling out their annual Stanley Cup Playoff Brackets, the majority of people guessed that the Ducks would take it in six. It would be nice to see the Jets come out on top since it has been so long since they have even had a chance to compete for “the Cup.” We will just have to wait and see.

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