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Flyers make a “gut” Decision

If I were a Philadelphia Flyer fan today, I would be extremely upset with their decision to fire 2nd year head coach Craig Berube. Not because of the decision, but because of the way the decision was made. Let me explain.

Let’s look at the actual decision first. Today the decision was made to fire the Flyers head coach after only 2 seasons. I am not a lifelong hockey fan, I would describe myself as a growing fan of hockey, but I am a huge sports fan in general. So when I saw that he was fired after only 2 seasons I assumed that those 2 seasons must have been terrible. So I looked it up and to my surprise I found out that was not the case.

His 2 year resume reads this way; year 1 made it to the Stanley Cup Play-offs, year 2 only 14 points from the play-offs. But he was the reason the team was underachieving? So I said to myself, that he must have a terrible record overall as the head coach, that was why they fired him. His overall record is 75-58-28. Then I said, now grasping at straws, his team must have just gotten slaughtered in the play-offs. Flyer’s management is going to say he can’t win the “big one.” But the flyers lost in a game 7 to the Rangers in the play-offs last year. Then I tried 1 last gasp, he must be an outsider, and the GM Rox Hextall (yes that is his real name) wants to hire “his guy.” But Craig Berube spent 6 seasons as an assistant coach for the Flyers. Before that he played 17 seasons in the NHL, 7 of those seasons with the Flyers including debuting as a Flyer.

So why was this decision made? The following is what GM Rox Hextall said at his press conference earlier today. “I wanted to make the right decision. I put all the facts together, but in the end, you go with your gut.” WHAT! I believe I gave you all the facts in the previous paragraph. I don’t understand which one of those facts made you fire your 2nd year head coach? And to say you went with your gut…….really? Your gut was the decision maker? Absolutely horrendous!

Results are what matter, and he obviously got them. If I were a Flyer I would e-mail Mr. Hextall and explain to him how I would never go to another game, buy another piece of merchandise, or say another positive thing about him his organization or his team. But, for his sake, I do hope Craig Berube finds another coaching job and is employed by a GM who uses other parts of his body to evaluate talent. Like his eyes and his head, not his gut.

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