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Angels ask employees to Ignore National Anthem & keep Working

Yes, you read the title correct, and no it is not a typo. According to a report from KABC in Los Angeles California.

We ask that everyone please rise and remove our caps as we honor America with the singing of our National Anthem…………except for our employees, we ask that you ignore America and keep working. Baseball is America’s National Pastime, unless you go to watch the Los Angeles Angels of Aniheim play baseball at Angels Stadium. Citing crowd control and safety, the Angels recently told their ticket workers to continue tending to late-arriving patrons as the national anthem plays.

Not surprisingly, this did not go over swimmingly with the workers affected by the proposed policy. Jeff Froehlich of the Service Employees International Union told KABC the workers want to uphold tradition. That tends to happen when an employer comes between the people and America. The backlash has led to a temporary delay in the implementation of the new rule as the Angels explore other ways to keep crowds rolling in while workers stand for the anthem. But even the thought of implementing such a rule should be met with great opposition from employees and fans all over the United States! The Angels organization should get a big Red Whit and BOOOOO!


Portions of this story originally from the Sporting News


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