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Keeping Castillo is Key to Cubs Success

At the beginning of spring training, rumors were in the air about the Cubs dealing Castillo and Wood in a package deal. Those rumors silenced and the Cubs went into opening day three deep at the catcher positon, Montero, Ross, and Castillo. Having three catchers is not necessarily a problem, but it is rather a good situation to be in. For all we know one guy goes down, and the other will have to step up. From recent reports, Castillo is on the block, but it looks like the Cubs are not in a hurry to trade him. Wellington Castillo can be used in many different ways so there really is no hurry to trade him away.

Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago CubsCastillo, 27, has been a suitable catcher for the cubs in recent years. Last season, Castillo hit .237 with 13 HRs and 46 RBIs. Not the best numbers for a guy who appeared in 110 games in 2014, but continued to produce and was seen by many as a trustworthy catcher.

Castillo may have gone from first to third on the depth chart, but he can still help this ball club. Castillo brings a good approach to the plate with the power to knock in some runs. It was just the other day when Castillo hit a HR that gave the Cubs life. In the end, no one else was able to produce and the Cubs lost the game, so he can still be a productive guy even if he is not behind the plate.

OltMike Olt is a very good third baseman. He has plenty of power, but he struggles at times with patience. Recently benched due to injury, Herrera has been placed a 3B until Kris Bryant comes up. Herrera has not been very good in Olts absence but the Cubs can explore other options. Now that Bryant is coming up, he will be the long term 3B but he may move to the OF, and Castillo would be able to play third base.          Bryant

Another reason to keep Castillo on the Cubs is to pinch hit.  His BA is decent and will be able to bring a lot to the plate in a close game (has already done it once this year).  He is probably the best bench hitter they have and can really come in handy.

Castillo could easily be dealt singularly or in a packaged deal.  The Cubs could easily get more depth in the bullpen since some guys have gone down with injury already.  Bryant will be an everyday player at 3B/OF.  Wherever he may land in the lineup that day, Castillo could be in the other position.

In the end, Wellington Castillo is young and can still be a great piece to this ball club.  Where I stand is that keeping Castillo and possibly moving him around will be good for the team.  He brings a good bat to the plate, and he can change the game in a heartbeat as he has shown that he can.  Castillo should not be dealt for he can be a great boost for this young and skilled Cubs team.


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