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3 Positive MLB Predictions

1) Cincinnati Reds center fielder Billy Hamilton will steal 100 or more bases.

It took a year for Billy to get his feet wet. For Billy to learn to handle the bat. But now, I believe he will improve his 2014 on base percentage, which was a paltry .292. He will bunt more for base hits. Plus, he will improve on the number of times he was caught stealing in 2014, which was 23. It may surprise you to know that only 22 players in MLB stole more bases than Billy Hamilton was caught stealing. And even being caught 23 times he still managed to steal 56 bases last year. If he could simply take 10 of those caught stealing and make them a stolen base and improve his OBP to the 2014 league average according to which was .314 he has a great shot at eclipsing the 100 stolen base mark. Not to mention he is by far the fastest man I have ever seen, and I have seen alot of baseball.hamilton1

2) Kris Bryant will still win Rookie of the Year.

krisBryant2I am honestly tired of talking about the Cubs and Kris Bryant already. But, after only missing 12 games of the season, Bryant will come to the big leagues and will hit several home runs at Wrigley Field. He will become the Cub’s version of Adam Dunn. He will hit lots of big fly balls, and most of them will be impressive, but meaningless. In other words they will come in the 7th inning or later and the Cubs will be behind by 3 or 4 runs and Bryant will pepper the new scoreboard beyond the ivy with solo home runs. And the Cubs will still loose the majority of those games. But, he will win ROY honors because fans and voters will feel that he was somehow slighted by the system and that no matter what the rules are, he should have made the opening day roster. Notwithstanding, if he would have made the opening day roster this year, Cub fans would be complaining a year early about the massive number of dollars they would have been forced to pay him that year early. And it would have been all for nothing, the Cubs are not going to win the division, or get a Wild Card spot in 2015 anyway.

3) Most Play-off races will go down to the last week of the season.

For the most part, there is parody in baseball this year. When you look at most divisions, there is no clear cut winner. You can make an argument for 2 or 3 teams in each division without having to worry about overusing the word potential or worrying about your nose growing. As of the conclusion of play on April 15th, only 2 teams have won 2 games or less and only 3 teams have lost 2 games or less. This means that the majority of teams are average or slightly above or below average. This parody should continue throughout the baseball season and make for exciting races the entire season. Remember, the way the schedule is patterned this season the first and last months of the season have mostly inter-division play. This will simply assure that the races will not be decided until the bitter end.

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